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Community Policy

Community Policy

Fine Dining Lovers is unique - it’s a place to share stories, recipes, anecdotes and events from the world of fine dining. A place to discover and learn, a place to debate and discuss and a place to join a community that shares your passion for art, food, and all things a little bit hedonistic. For a community to prosper there needs to be a few simple rules and if everyone follows these rules, this site and community are going to be the most inviting place for fine dining on the web. Remember everyone is here because of a love of the finer things in life. We should all get along just fine…Welcome on board!


When deciding whether or not to moderate comments within the finedininglovers community the rules below will be taken into account. Contributions that break them may be removed.


This applies to all aspects of the site and refers simply to everyone respecting each other. Religion, Race, Creed, Views, Beliefs should all be respected and any personal attacks will not be tolerated. Arguments, debate and millions of opinions are great and part of what makes food so exciting but this needs to take place in a “tasteful” manner.


Threats of any kind will not be tolerated: Hate speech, racism, abuse, homophobic remarks and any content deemed as inappropriate will be removed. There will be no calls to violence or protest or promotion of any political causes.


Community members are responsible for the content and any relating material they post. This includes: all text, images, video, music or any other content/material you publish or post on the site. By using the site community members are agreeing not to violate or infringe any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary rights. Any advertisements will be removed.


The community should grow, encourage conversation and share their fine dining experiences but let’s try keep on topic. Comments will discuss a wide range of topics but if they seem off topic, they may be placed in a new thread within a more relevant part of the site. Comments that are entirely out of context and are not constructive to the conversation may be removed entirely. This is to maintain constructive conversation within the community.


You wouldn't eat it so why do it? Don't spam, it's not nice.

Self Moderation

So these are the rules to help keep this fine community happy and help encourage conversation in a constructive environment. This community will work best if everyone actively monitors and moderates what's being said. It's those kind of efforts that will make this the greatest place on the web to talk about fine dining.... So what's everyone waiting for ? Go share those stories.... For any issue regarding the community, please contact: