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New Netflix Series Reveals What it Takes to Operate the World's Best Restaurant

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New Netflix Series Reveals What it Takes to Operate the World's Best Restaurant

Netflix’s new series Seven Days Out offers up a fascinating look behind the scenes of some of the world’s largest live events. Filmed, you guessed it, during the seven days leading up to certain world events, think fashion, sports, space travel and food, the show gives an exciting insight into what it takes to pull off breathtaking moments even when the whole world is watching.

Episode two of the series looks at the award-winning restaurant, Eleven Madison Park in New York as Chef Daniel Humm and business partner Will Guidara prepare their meticulous crew to reopen the after three months of renovations.

The show picks up with Humm and Guidara just after EMP is named number one on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, following the duo as they to close and renovate one of New York’s most prestigious and famous restaurants at the very height of its culinary success.

The one-hour episode is a revealing look at what it takes to operate at the very highest level of the industry, to run a three-star restaurant in New York, to maintain levels of detail that most overlook. From the process of reopening, gaining certification for gas, the procurement of new fittings, seats that drive Guidara crazy, missing gas that keeps Humm up at night and the million different points considered for every new dish, new cutlery, ingredient or candle.

The duo, who have one of the most unique restaurant partnerships in the industry, show why they are seen as one of the best dynamics in the restaurant world. Do they manage to open on time? You’ll have to watch the show to find out.

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