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Watch a Chef Prepare One of the World's Most Dangerous Foods

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Watch a Chef Prepare One of the World's Most Dangerous Foods
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Fugu, or Japanese pufferfish, is one of the most notorious food stuffs in the world. Also known as blowfish, the delicacy contains a highly toxic substance called tetrodotoxin, which is found in some of the fish's organs and skin and which, if consumed, is lethal to humans. The fish, therefore has to be prepared very carefully, and chefs must train extensively and be licensed to ensure diners don't succomb to this tasty delicacy – 23 people died in Japan between 2000 and 2012 from eating fugu.

One such chef is Yutaka Susaki. He's been preparing fugu for 45 years and reveals that real fugu chefs must serve at least a 10-year apprenticeship. He certainly does a great job of promoting the delicate fish – his food looks delicous ("the taste is indescribable," he says) and is obviously prepared with a great deal of care and attention. But, would you try it, knowing that your life is in the chef's hands?

Watch Susaki in action in his Tokyo restaurant in the video from Great Big Story below, and further down watch another brilliant video from the same team: the astounding fastest mochi maker in Japan.

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