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The Secrets of Dinara Kasko's Architectural Desserts

06 January, 2018
Dinara Kasko

Courtesy of Dinara Kasko

Can you tell us about any specific techniques or equipment you use to create your cakes? 
Technology and design play a very important role in my creations. I create a 3D model for the mold on my computer first. I have special software installed (3ds Max, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Archicad, Autocad, Cura, etc) and an Ultimaker 3D printer. Also, sometimes I use a milling machine and a laser machine. As for the pastry, I use a lot of construction tools (a spray gun, a building spatula, different tubes, rules, etc.)

Tell us about your most challenging creation.
It was the Ruby cake. It took us 1.5 months. It was a really hard job to create the mold. We used 3D printing every day to print the models. Two kinds of plastic were involved. Finally, we got the mold.

What is your favorite ingredient/material to work with and why?
It can be caramel, chocolate, exotic fruits, berries, vanilla and so on. As for the ingredients that I always use to make cakes, these are cream, flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and gelatin.

What are you looking for in a successful cake: flavor or design?
There are two main concepts that I keep to. The first one is "appearance is as important as taste", and the second one is “taste will always be more important than appearance”. I always try to make cakes that taste delicious and look beautiful, so they could bring visual and taste pleasure to people. And again, the taste is always more important than appearance as people won’t buy your cake for the second time if they didn’t like the taste trying it for the first time.

Any future projects you would like to share with us?
I have started working on a new project with a Spanish chef. I am working on new molds (parametric design). We are planning on releasing our project in December. We will be taking pictures and making videos of our creations as usual.

You can find the description of all Dinara Kasko's creations on Instagram.

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