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Jamie Oliver Cooks Up 'Eton Mess' Protest

18 May, 2022
Bowls of Eton Mess alongside a portrait of Jamie Oliver

 "I'd love you to make your Eton mess," he appealed to the public. "Bring it here in an orderly way for 15 minutes of fun, no mess, no shouting, just positivity, to show support that he needs, and his government needs, to take the childhood obesity strategy seriously."

Why Eton mess? It's the dessert that was invented in the public school where Boris Johnson and other members of the British establishment were educated, as well as a political double entendre. "Eton mess symbolising the privilege and the mess that is our British government and its inability to do the right thing."

What is Eton mess?

Eton mess is a traditional British summertime dessert of gooey meringue, sweet strawberries and rich cream in a generous sticky mess.

Watch how it's made in the video recipe below:

Historically, the dessert is believed to originate from the Eton College and is served at the annual cricket match against the pupils of Harrow School.

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