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Forced Rhubarb: What is it and Where Does it Grow?

01 March, 2021
Forced Rhubarb

Photo by: Durham Dundee

Supplying the Stars of Britain’s Restaurant Scene

Janet’s farms supply the three-Michelin-starred restaurants The Fat Duck in Bray and Hélène Darroze at The Connaught in London. Other Michelin-starred restaurants that put forced rhubarb on the menu in winter include Tommy BanksThe Black Swan at Oldstead in North Yorkshire, while visitors to the farm have included the likes of chefs Raymond Blanc and Rick Stein.

“Chefs are always interested in the forced,” says Janet, who is in the process of erecting more sheds to keep up with increasing demand. But now chefs are experimenting with savoury recipes as well as sweet, eschewing the traditional custard and sugar, and using forced rhubarb to sear through fatty meats and fish like duck and mackerel. 

“And it’s about time,” says Janet, “because this plant is so versatile in cooking – thank goodness the chefs are showing how to get more rhubarb into your body and what lovely recipes you can come up with.”

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