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The best savoury recipes with strawberries

30 June, 2022
Spinach and strawberry salad.

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Strawberry salad

a dish of spinach and strawberry salad

To build a simple summer salad, throw strawberries together with punchy greens like watercress, spinach or kale, add toasted nuts, like almonds, and even a salty cheese like feta or aged ricotta, if you feel like it. Toss everything together in a bright vinaigrette. Take your pick of other salad essentials like avocado, fennel, cucumber, celery or red onion, and top with fresh basil or mint.

Try Martha Stewart's watercress, strawberry and toasted sesame salad.

Strawberry gazpacho

a glass of strawberry gazpacho topped with a sprig of mint and blueberries

If summer says gazpacho to you, try a remake of the favourite punchy Spanish summer soup, by throwing in strawberries instead of tomatoes. Here's Eleven Madison Park's strawberry gazpacho, as shared by Food52.

Duck with strawberries

a contemporary dish of duck with strawberries

Duck – and other meats like chicken, beef and pork, both grilled or roasted – works well with a punchy strawberry relish. Martha Stewart has this recipe idea: sauté capers and garlic in olive oil then pour the briny oil over diced strawberries. Add a splash of vinegar like white balsamic or sherry, a drizzle of honey, and some chopped pistachios.

Burrata and strawberries

a dish of burrata plated on top of fresh sliced strawberrries

Tossing ripe strawberries into a tomato and mozzarella or burrata salad adds flavour and a fruity sweetness that balances the creaminess and tanginess of the cheese while balancing out the sweet notes of balsamic vinegar.

Try this burrata, strawberry and basil salad from Bon Appetit. It's as simple as surrounding a whole burrata with freshly sliced strawberries, fresh basil leaves and walnuts, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar reduction, and then seasoning with freshly ground black pepper and sea salt. 

Fresh strawberries and ceviche

Strawberries and Ceviche

Strawberries also go brilliantly with seafood. Try a refreshing shrimp ceviche as a cool and elegant appetiser with a hint of heat in this recipe for strawberry shrimp ceviche from California Strawberries. 

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