Fine Dining Restaurants

fine dining restaurants
Fine Dining Restaurants

How do you recognize a fine dining restaurant from a simply posh one? Is it the number of forks (more than you can count or use)? Is it the immaculate white linens and tablecloths? Or is it the Michelin star that shines like a medal of “fine dining” recognition?

A fine dining restaurant clearly sets itself apart from other restaurants on three main grounds: food, customer service and ambience. As far a food goes, this is pretty clear: the menu should give diners what they cannot find anywhere else, both in terms of ingredients, creativity and taste.

Customer service must be attentive but never invasive, with the kind of impeccably-mannered staff that can only come after several years of training. The atmosphere should be, as everything else, unique.

Therefore, it is difficult to give a recipe for the perfect atmosphere, as each fine dining restaurant must be its very own distinctive and high-end world, in which standards in fine art de la table are guaranteed.

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