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Drinks, just like food, provide a great outlet for cooking creativity. But when it comes down to it, cooking seems to have so many more options than beverages or cocktails. Have you ever wondered what to pour in your glasses? And what glass matches which drink? Whether flutes or cups, tumblers or mugs, no fine dining lover should ever go thirsty for the perfect beverage. So check out our suggestions. Cheers!

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Meet the Women Shaking Up the World's 50 Best Bars
Some of the best bartenders in the World's 50 Best Bars 2022 were women. South America academy chair Sorrel Moseley-Williams gives us the lowdown on some of the world's top female bartenders.
A glass and bottle.
FDL+ The World’s Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks Pairings
Discover alcohol-free alternatives at some of the world’s best restaurants. Take a look.
Yerba mate
Yerba Mate: Learn all about the South American Drink
Discover the rituals and practices surrounding this ancient healing drink, plus how to make it.
Smoothies and juices
Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Drinks to Kickstart the New Year
Kick start the new year with a glass full of seasonal fruit and vegetables blended into delicious, heathy juices and smoothies.
margarita glass ©iStock
15 Tequila Drinks and Cocktail Recipes
Tequila is a Mexican beverage obtained from the agave plant, which can be used to prepare a variety of simple cocktails. Discover our selection.
dalgona coffee ©iStock
Dalgona Coffee (or Whipped Coffee): What is it and How to Prepare it?
Dalgona coffee is a trending beverage from TikTok. Learn what it is, how to prepare it, and discover our tips and tricks.
Less Waste, More Taste: Inside Hong Kong’s First ‘Closed-Loop’ Bar
Penicillin in Hong Kong has been described as the city's first 'closed loop' bar. But what does that mean? Lorna Parkes speaks to the people behind the sustainable cocktail concept to find out.
homemade kvass ©iStock
How to Make Kvass at Home: Recipe and Ideas
Kvass is a fermented drink made from rye bread. To make Kvass, you need to add yeast and sugar to bread and water, or water infused with bread overnight, and leave the mixture to ferment.
pouring whiskey ©iStock
Rye vs. Bourbon: What's the Difference?
The difference between rye whiskey and bourbon whisky is in the mix of grains used in fermentation, known as the ‘mash bill.’ Under US law, rye must have a mash bill of 51% rye or higher, while bourbon must have a mash bill of 51% corn or higher.
christmas mulled gin ©iStock
Christmas Mulled Gin Cocktail Recipe: How to Make It
There’s nothing quite like a mulled wine, whether it’s outdoors at a bustling Christmas market, or sat in front of the fireplace in your snug new Christmas slippers. But mulled wine isn’t the only option. So why not try a cup of mulled gin if you haven’t already?