Ice Shreds from Mugaritz
The Mugaritz Water "Obsession" in Dishes
Water is an ongoing obsession at Andoni Aduriz's two-Michelin-starred Basque restaurant, where the R&D team pumps out highly creative, thought-provoking dishes that showcase H2O in extraordinary ways.
Casa Cacao
The Roca Brothers' Hotel and Chocolate Factory Opens in Girona
Casa Cacao, a hotel, shop and workshop and chocolate factory by the Roca Brothers opens in Girona Spain.
Morel mushrooms
Michelin star chef exonerated as morel death case dismissed
A judge dismissed the case against a Michelin star restaurant in Valencia after a diner died in the city after eating morel mushrooms last year.
Ferran Adria
elBulli1846 is Opening in Spring: here’s everything we know so far
Ferran Adria has opened a call for the first team at elBulli1846, his research and innovation centre on the site of his iconic restaurant El Bulli, in Roses on Costa Brava.
Disfrutar Inspirational Dishes
Disfrutar’s Inspirational Dishes
Take a look at this selection with some iconic dishes from the restaurant in Barcelona owned and run by Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch
Niko Romito
Niko Romito claims European Chef of the Year at Madrid Fusiòn 2020
Italian chef Niko Romito picks up the coveted European Chef of the Year award at Madrid Fusiòn 2020.
Madrid fusion 2020
Madrid Fusion 2020
Join leading food luminaries like Albert Adria, Joan Roca and Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky as they talk the future of food as the pioneering three-day haute cuisine food congress.
Cenador de Amós
Inside Spain's new three Michelin starred Cenador de Amós
Inside the new three Michelin starred restaurant in Spain Cenador de Amós by chef Jesús Sánchez
Chef Angel Leon
Chef Ángel León wins Michelin’s inaugural Sustainability Award
Chef Ángel León was awarded the inaugural Sustainability Award at the gala for the Michelin Guide Spain & Portugal 2020.
Spain and Portugal
The Michelin Guide Spain & Portugal 2020 - the full list
The Michelin Guide has announced its 2020 edition for Spain and Portugal with a new three-star restaurant Cenador de Amós, while Martín Berasategui gained another two, taking his total to 12.
Chef Dani García
Dani García is ready to say goodbye
One year after the announcement of the closing of its three-Michelin restaurant in Andalusia, the Spanish chef is poised to take over the food scene with new projects.
Marble trout, green peas, black currants, fermented trout liver
Hiša Franko moves to Madrid
Ana Roš' Slovenian restaurant at #38 on the World's 50 Best Restaurant list will re-locate to Madrid for three weeks, from 19 November to 7 December, and you can be there.