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a vodka sidecar

Ivan Della Nave

Vodka Sidecar

Are you looking for a different version of the classic sidecar cocktail? Try this vodka sidecar drink recipe: read more on Fine Dining Lovers.

28 June, 2022
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serves for



1 3/4 OZ (50 ml)
Triple sec
3/4 OZ (20 ml)
Lemon juice
3/4 OZ (20 ml) freshly squeezed


Sugar crust + orange peel


Cocktail cup (martini cup)


Shake and double strain


Step 01

cooling a shaker with ice

Cool your chosen cup or glass by placing it in the freezer. Also cool and empty a shaker.

Step 02

pouring lemon juice into a shaker

Using the manual juicer, squeeze 3/4 OZ (20 ml) of lemon juice, measure using the jigger, then pour into the shaker.

Step 03

measuring and pouring vodka into a shaker

Measure and pour 1 3/4 OZ (50 ml) of vodka into the shaker with the jigger.

Step 04

Measure and pour 3/4 OZ (20 ml) triple sec (orange liqueur) into the shaker with the jigger.

Step 05

cooling a shaker with ice

Fill the shaker 3/4 full with ice. Close it with the cap and shake vigorously until all the metal parts of the shaker have cooled completely and are covered with condensation.

Step 06

preparing a frozen glass

It's time to rim the cup. Take it out of the freezer and wet the edge with a slice of lemon, then rotate the wet part of the cup in the sugar, lying on top of a cocktail napkin or saucer. For edging, simply lightly rim the edge of the glass, without overdoing it.

Step 07

straining the cocktail into a frozen glass

Open the shaker. Pour the cocktail into the cooled and decorated cup, filtering it with a strainer (double strain). Double filtering is done to prevent ice flakes from ending up inside the glass.

Step 08

a finished cocktail ready to be served

With a citrus peeler, remove a tongue of orange peel. Twist over the glass to squeeze the essential oils inside the cocktail. Garnish the cocktail that's now ready to be served.


This cocktail is simply a horizontal twist (replacing an ingredient in the recipe) of a long cocktail, the sidecar. It doesn't usually appear in drink lists, but it is a very simple variant to create to satisfy fans.


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Ivan Della Nave

Ivan Della Nave

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