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Fried Rice with Egg and Spring Onion

Fried Rice with Egg and Spring Onion

Fried rice with egg and onion: a quick and easy one-course meal packed with flavour. Find out how to make it in our step-by-step recipe, along with tips on recipe twists to elevate your dish or turn it into chicken fried rice.


25 February, 2021
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Dietary Consideration

serves for



Basmati rice
280 g
Soy sauce
2 spoons
Chili pepper
Sesame oil

Fried rice is one of those weeknight staples that offers an instant flavour and comfort fix. It's also a great dish for turning leftovers into a truly delicious dish. 

While it's easy to master a simple thrown-together fried rice, you can easily elevate it to expert level. 

Take a look at the clip below to find out how:


With its distinctive fragrance and textures, fried rice with egg and spring onion is reminiscent of East Asian cuisine. Rich in flavour, fried rice with egg and spring onion is slightly hot and spicy, but it's nevertheless offset by the neutral taste of rice, making this a perfect supper recipe recalling the aromas of distant lands. Here’s the full recipe, explained step-by-step. 

Step 01

Fried Rice with Egg and Spring Onion_step one

Wash the spring onions and remove the root. Cut into diagonal slices. Add a drizzle of oil to the pan, together with the chilli pepper, and toss the spring onions for 2 minutes. When done, they should still be crisp. 

Step 02

Fried Rice with Egg and Spring Onion_step two

Toss the rice with a little oil for a few minutes and then cover with water. Salt to taste. Cover the rice with a sheet of tinfoil and leave it to cook over a medium heat for 15 minutes. Keep an eye on the rice every now and then and, if it looks like it's drying up before it is cooked, add a few spoons full of water.  


Step 03

Fried Rice with Egg and Spring Onion_Step three

Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them slightly. Put the eggs in a frying pan with a little oil and cook them for one minute.

We don’t want to make an omelette so, with the help of two chopsticks, stir the eggs constantly.

Now, clean the pan slightly with absorbent kitchen paper, without washing it.  


Step 04

Fried Rice with Egg and Spring Onion_step four

When the rice is cooked, transfer it to the frying pan with the soy sauce and toss it until slightly crisp. Now, add the eggs and spring onions. Serve with extra soy sauce on the side.

Fried rice with egg and spring onion: useful tips, twists and facts

In cooking, it's not only important to avoid wasting food, but also to use as little water and energy resources as possible. For this reason, if you refrain from washing the pan when making this dish, you will not spoil the end result (on the contrary, it will be improved) and you will also have saved water, energy and time.  

To make this recipe more like Cantonese rice, you just need to add some peas and diced cooked ham. If you like vegetables, add julienned carrots and courgettes, together with a handful of soybean sprouts. For a vegan version of oriental fried rice, eliminate the eggs. 

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How to cook rice

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