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Bouillabaisse 2.0

Bouillabaisse 2.0

Paul Prinsloo is one of the twelve S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2021 finalists. Discover the full recipe of his Signature Dish, Bouillabaisse 2.0. 

22 January, 2020
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Type of dish

serves for


total time

5 HR 50 MIN


10 X Large
2 kg
Clarified butter
500 ml
Shellfish Consommé
8 X Large
10 shells
Fish stock
2 L
Scallop Marshmallow
50 Ml
500 g frozen
Mauritian Sea bass
Mauritian sea bass
Pomme Anna
Mussel Crumble
300 g
All purpose flour
200 g
50 g
Fennel Oil
Fennel seeds
500 g
2 L
Potato Bread
2 cups
2 tsp
Olive oil
2 tbs
10 g
All purpose flour
5 cups
Sauce Rouille
1 Tbls
White wine vinegar
2 slice
Egg yolks
Chili pepper
1/4 Tsp
Olive oil
1/2 Cup

Step 01


Remove the langoustine heads and shell but keep the tailpiece shell attached. Put the shells aside.

Season the raw langoustine meat and set them aside − On a Blue Fish cutting board lay 40cmx 2cm pieces of kataifi.

Roll the langoustine neat and tight and insert a cocktail stick into the tail.


Step 02

Shellfish Consommé

Start a fish stock of first by using some of the white Mire Poix, Simmer for 30 min and strain.

In a large pot Fry the white mirepoix of until nice colour, sweat some of the langoustine shells off that you’ve kept aside, as well as the scallop meat and mussel shells, deglaze with white wine, cook the wine out the top up with 3 L of fish stock and set aside to simmer. Remove from heat and add the saffron to infuse.

Let the consommé simmer for 2 hours and then strain and freeze, after frozen allow the consommé to defrost through some muslin cloth to clarify.

Salt TT.

Step 03

Scallop Marshmallow

Take the frozen scallop and the milk add it into a pako jet container and pako it, Salt TT.

Slightly heat up the scallop mix and add it to a espuma gun and charge it twice.


Step 04

Mauritian Seabass

Fillet and skin the fish and set aside.

Slice the fillets thinly and layer them over each other to cut a circle, Salt TT.

Put sliced and round cut fish aside for the Pomme Anna later.


Step 05

Pomme Anna

Make a clarified butter and infuse the clarified butter with the rest of the langoustine shells that’s been kept.

Peel and slice the potatoes (3mm) thin.

Dip each slice of potato into the clarified butter and layer the potatoes one by 0ne.

Bake the Pomme Anna for 6min and then press for 30 min.


Step 06

Mussel Crumble

Blend the fresh mussels until you make a paste.

Take your mussel paste and rub your flour in with your butter to form a crumble, bake for 15 min at 160 C.


Step 07

Fennel oil

Blanch your fennel stems for 4 min and place in an ice bath.

Squeeze out all of the water and add to thermomixer and blend at medium speed while slowly adding 2 L of oil.

After all the oil has been added blend at high speed until oil is green, Infuse for 30min and then strain through an oil filter.


Step 08

Potato Bread

Peel the potato and slice into thin blocks, add it to a pot of water and bring to a boil to cook, after potatoes are cooked make mash potato for the recipe.

Slightly heat up your milk and potato to make a smooth mix, add yeast and the rest of the ingredients, transfer to a mixing bowl and with the dough hook mix the mixture until it forms a dough.

Set dough in a greased bowl and prove for 1 Hour, Knock the dough down and shape into desired baking tins and allow to prove for 20min then bake for 40 min at 190 C.

Remove after cooking time and allow to cool down over a cooling rack.


Step 09

Sauce Rouille

Mix water and vinegar together into a small pot, bring to a boil and add the bread to the water mix. 

In a blender add your yolks, garlic and saffron and bread mix. Blend on slow and slowly add the olive oil to create an emulsion.


Step 10

For plating

Take a hot pan with clarified butter, and fry the langoustines until golden brown.

Place the fish slices on top of the pomme anna, and put the pomme anna in the oven for 4 min.

Heat up the bread and place it on a wooden try, pipe the sauce Rouille in a little tin and place on a wooden board − Slightly heat up the consommé and add it to the portal.

Place the pomme anna that has been portioned into half and place it in the middle of the plate, add the langoustine slightly at the top of the pomme anna.

Spoom on the side of the langoustine the Scallop Espuma.

Between the langoustine and the pomme anna put the mussel crumble.

Add some of the salmon roe for presentation along with the red amaranth.

Around the pomme anna pour a bit of fennel oil.

By the table or when presenting the dish pour the consommé around, to finish the dish blow troche the scallop Espuma.

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