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Crab Roll, Salt ‘N Vinegar Chips, Celery Mayonnaise

Crab Roll, Salt ‘N Vinegar Chips, Celery Mayonnaise

By Wylie Dufresne, chef of the famous restaurant wd~50, a intriguing crab rolls recipe with salt and vinegar chips and celery mayonnaise

01 April, 2012
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serves for


total time

2 HR 30 MIN


Crab meat
445 g (possibly Peekytoe)
5 g, chopped
Lemon juice
5 g
To taste
Activa Rm
2.67 g
Hot dog buns
1 pack (1 hot dog bun per roll)
Cayenne pepper
To taste
100 g, blanched
15 g, ground
2 cloves, blanched 3 times
25 g
Egg yolks
4 each
Grapeseed oil
250 g
Lemon juice
5 g
Dijon mustard
25 g
To taste
Celery bitters
5 g (cocktail ingredient made by The Bitter Truth)
Fingerling potatoes
To taste
Vinegar powder
10 g
5 g
5 g


Crab roll
Place the crab, chives, lemon juice, seasoning and Activa RM into a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly to incorporate.
Using plastic wrap roll the mix into 1 inch diameter rolls.
Let set in the plastic for 2 hours.
Using a pasta sheeter set on mark number 2, roll each hot dog bun out into a sheet.
Reserve the hot dog sheets.
Remove the crab roll from the plastic wrap.
Gently brush each hot dog bun with a small amount of egg wash.
Roll the flattened hot dog bun around the crab roll.
Wrap the roll tightly with plastic wrap.

Celery mayo
Blanch the celery leaves for 3 minutes and shock in an ice bath.
Combine all the ingredients except for the oil in a blender.
Slowly incorporate all of the ingredients by drizzling in the oil until the mixture is emulsified.

Celery root noodles
Using a Japanese vegetable turner (made by Benriner), turn out noodles made from the celeriac.
Place the “noodles”, salt, and celery bitters in a cryovac bag.
Cook the noodles in a 90°C water bath for 8 minutes.
Cool in an ice bath.

Salt 'n vinegar chips
Using a mandoline, slice the potatoes into thin disks.
Fry the potatoes at 135°C for roughly four minutes.
Season the chips with salt and vinegar powder.

Crab seasoning
Mix together and reserve for plating.

Roll the crab in melted butter and place on a plancha or pan to lightly brown the roll and warm through.
Smear a layer of celery mayonnaise on the plate.
Place the crab roll on the celery mayonnaise and surround with a pile of celery noodles and a pile of chips.
Dust the crab roll with the crab seasoning.

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