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Liz Seabrook

Julie Lin’s Lap Cheong Fried Rice

Chinese sausages are the flavour bombs in this tasty, easy to prepare dish that's perfect for a quick midweek supper. 

06 October, 2021
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serves for



2, whisked
Spring onion
Lap cheong
Vegetable oil
3 tbsp
Light soy sauce
1 tsp
Jasmine rice
400g, cooked
Dark soy sauce
1 tsp
Oyster sauce
1 tbsp
White pepper

"The dish is so incredibly simple yet imperative when learning how to wok-fry rice," says Glasgow-based chef Julie Lin of her lap cheong (Chinese pork sausage) fried rice, a recipe she learnt from her mother. "There’s a subtle art to getting smokiness into the rice that comes from patience."

Step 01

Begin by thinly slicing the lap cheong on a diagonal. Then mix together the soy sauces and oyster sauce with a pinch of salt and white pepper (to taste) and 2 teaspoons of water.

Step 02

In a non-stick pan set over a low–medium heat, scramble the eggs with a pinch of salt and white pepper then set aside. Chop the white sections of the spring onions into 3cm/1in chunks. Finely chop the green part and set both parts aside separately.

Step 03

Add the vegetable oil to a wok over a medium heat and tip in the sliced lap cheong and the chunks of white spring onion. Fry for around 2 minutes until fragrant. Add in the rice and peas, then immediately pour over the soy sauce mixture. Turn the heat up to full and wok-fry until smoky and all of the sauce has been incorporated.

Step 04

Add in the scrambled egg and the green part of the spring onions and mix through. Mould the rice into bowls, then flip out onto plates. Serve with fresh, sliced cucumber and chilli paste, if you like.


Extract taken from 'The Female Chef' by Clare Finney and Liz Seabrook, published by Hoxton Mini Press.



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