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Vegetables trimmings and Tutti Frutti Ice Cream by Sat Bains

Zero Waste: Tutti Frutti Ice Cream by Sat Bains

Why Waste? is back. The Fine Dining Lovers series that shows you how to turn your kitchen food waste into delicious dishes, with recipes and tips by some of the world's best chefs, makes a welcome and timely return.

Almost 50% of the fruit produced in the world gets wasted, so this episode of Why Waste? shows us what we can do with it before it ends up in the garbage. This recipe is by Sat Bains, one of the UK's leading chefs, known throughout the world for his endless creativity and no nonsense approach to fine dining. 

Bains has decided to use up waste vegetable trimmings by doing something different. He candies and dehydrates them and adds them to soft serve ice-cream. It's a riff on the 'tutti frutti' flavour, served in a cone.

This is a recipe that takes some time, and the method here has been simplified to make it easier to do at home. But the result is an unexpected and delicious way to use vegetable scraps, that would be right at home at the chef's two-Michein-starred restaurant, Sat Bains with Rooms, in Nottingham.

29 September, 2022
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