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Lemon and Poppyseed mugcake

Lemon and Poppyseed mugcake

Only five minutes to prepare these delicious lemon and poppyseed mugcakes! This is the perfect recipe for a easy-to-make dessert.

22 May, 2018
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Type of dish

Dietary Consideration

serves for


total time

0 HR 5 MIN


2 tbsp, melted
Lemon juice
1 tbsp
3 tbsp (superfine)
All purpose flour
4 tbsp
Poppy Seeds
2 tsp
2 tsp


How to make delicious lemon and poppyseed mugcake

Lightly grease a large microwaveable mug.

Beat together the butter, egg and lemon juice until combined.

Add the sugar, flour, poppy seeds and salt and beat well until smooth.

Pour the mixture into the mug, leaving plenty of space for rising - the cake will nearly double in height in the microwave.

Cook for 1 1/2 -2 minutes until risen and cooked through.


Microwave cooking times vary widely so the cake needs to be watched all the time as it cooks.

Depending on your microwave it could be ready in 90 seconds or it could take 2 minutes.

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