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Goose Liver with Fresh Goat's Cheese and Maize

Goose Liver with Fresh Goat's Cheese and Maize

An exquisite recipe by chef Andreas Caminada with goose liver, fresh goat's cheese and maize.

10 December, 2013
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Corn cob
250 g, fresh
100 ml
Sweet corn
500 g, drained
150 ml
Glucose syrup
45 ml
Sweet corn
400 g, cooked
Chili pepper
1/2, fresh mild
100 ml, white balsamic
1 l
200 g, breast
Baby sweetcorn
6, baby
20 ml
10 g
Corn oil
40 ml
20 g
Lemon zest
Brick pastry
1 sheet
Goose liver
50 g, terrine, frozen till just stiff
30 g, clarified
Goose liver
50 g, raw
White wine
50 ml, sweet (Sauternes or similar)
Olive oil
40 g, salted
Corn oil
20 ml


Maize ice cream:

Peel the fresh maize cobs, remove yellow corn and cook in boiling salted water.

Bring cream and glucose to boil in a pan. Add the freshly cookid and the drained, tinned maize.

Blend for 10 minutes to achieve fine consistency.

Pass mixture through a fine-meshed, cone-shaped sieve. Freeze in ice cream maker or Pacojet.

Maize gazpacho:

Finely chop onions and chili. Sweat in olive oil. Stir in balsamic vinegar and reduce.

Grind maize corn and turkey breast in meat grinder.

Add cold stock, maize corn and turkey breast to onions and clarify.

Preserved baby maize spears:

Cut maize spears lenghthways into very thin strips, using a knife, a mandolin or a meat slicer.

Bring water, vinegar and spices to the boil.

Add to sliced maize spears, pour mixture into glass jar and sterilise. Alternatively, use immediately.

Maize-seed oil Malto:

Carefully knead the oil into the Maltodextrin.

Pan-fry at about 80°C to bring out flavours, then add some lemon zest.

Brik-pastry crisps:

Cut four round crisps from Brik pastry, about 6 centimetres in diameter each.

Spread with softened clarified butter and place between two silicon mats.

Bake in oven at 180°C till golden outside. Remove and leave to cool.

Grate the frozen liver with a Microplane grater and sprinkle on the crisps.

Raw, marinated goose liver:

Cut the goose liver into thin slices. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Marinate in the wine and olive oil.

Fresh goat's cheese:

Use a round template cut-out to apply the cheese onto the plate in a circular pattern.


Drizzle the maize-seed oil on the assembled arrangement on the plate.

Apply the cheese to the plate with a circular template. Arrange maize and other items on plate for presentation.



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