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Fillet Steak Cutlet

Fillet Steak Cutlet

Learn how to make cutlets with a special fillet steak recipe by Michelin-starred Chef Davide Scabin.

03 October, 2013
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serves for


total time

0 HR 20 MIN


Veal Fillet
150 g
All purpose flour
30 g
6 g
80 g
1 each
2 sprigs
2 sprigs
2 cloves
Extra virgin olive oil
50 g
to taste
20 g, chilled
50 g


Cut a 150g slice of filet.

Dredge the steak in 30g flour.

Dip in a beaten egg with 6g salt.

Coat with 80g breadstick crumbs.

Leave to rest in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Dip once again in the beaten egg.

Dredge in 50g breadcrumbs with camomile powder.  

Leave to rest in fridge for a further 15 minutes.

Heat 50 g of extra virgin olive oil with 20 g chilled butter. Add a sprig of sage and two cloves of garlic, then cook of 8 minutes on all sides.

Add a generous amount of butter little by little, without allowing it to brown. Cover the meat with the foaming butter.

Take two sprigs of sage and two of rosemary add two cloves of unpeeled garlic. Season with whole sea salt, extra virgin olive oil and pepper to taste.

Cook the steak and herbs in the oven for 4 minutes at 190°. Allow to rest in the open oven for another 10 minutes.

Arrange herbs on a plate.

Cut the steak into four segments.

Light the herbs with a blowtorch.

Douse the flames with the steak.

Chef Davide Scabin explains: "The correct name for the dish is Piedmontese Fassona veal fillet. Basically we transformed this meat into a bread-crumbed meat, Milanese-style, which is then finished using the so-called 'hearth-method', on top of these smoking herbs, that gives it an ancestral element."

Watch the video recipe made by chef Davide Scabin.

Piedmontese Fassona Veal Fillet



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