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Homemade Pizza Dough

Homemade Pizza Dough

Learn how to make homemade pizza dough with this easy recipe by the Italian chef Gabriele Bonci

30 March, 2012
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serves for


total time

0 HR 20 MIN


All purpose flour
1 kg
800 g
5 g
Extra virgin olive oil
30 ml
Brewer’s yeast
7 g, dried or 300 g mother dough


Pour the flour, yeast and water into a bowl and mix quickly, then add the oil and salt and mix it again.

Then place the dough on a floured wooden cutting board and begin folding it and kneading it until it becomes dry and soft.

Put in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Once it’s risen, put it on the cutting board, divide it into two and spread it out on the baking sheets.

Heat the oven to its maximum temperature and in the meantime, prepare the condiment.

While the oven heats, garnish the pizza according to your own whim and desire.

Bake it for the first 10 minutes at the bottom of the oven, then transfer to the middle rack for another 10 minutes, or until cooked through.

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