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Vegan Sushi Moroccan Style

Vegan Sushi Moroccan Style

This Moroccan style vegan sushi recipe, with cous cous instead of rice, eggplant and spicy harissa sauce, makes a great and healthy snack

31 March, 2012
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Dietary Consideration

serves for


total time

0 HR 50 MIN


2 sheets
90 g, cooked with 3 ml each turmeric and pomegranate molasses, cooled
10 g, washed and chopped finely
4 large fresh leaves, shredded finely
2 thin slices, cut lengthwise, lightly grilled
Apricot juice
45 ml thick (or peach or mango juice)
Harissa paste
1 ml (or chilli powder)
Pine nuts
15 g, toasted, ground


  • Overcook the couscous slightly to make it sticky and clump together.
  • Divide the fillings in half.
  • Make the sushi rolls and cut each roll into 4 thick or 6 thinner pieces.
  • For the dipping sauce, mix the juice, harissa (or chilli) and pine nuts together.

This recipe is from the book "Benessere well-being: vegan & sugar-free eating for a healthy life-style" by Laurinda Erasmus

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