Where to Eat Gourmet Vegetarian Food in London

Where to Eat Gourmet Vegetarian Food in London

Photo: Courtesy of Matt Russel 

Where to Eat Gourmet Vegetarian Food in London

It's easy to find vegetarian food in London. The UK capital has come on in leaps and bounds when it comes to vegetarian options in recent years. But what about the very best gourmet vegetarian food that London has to offer? Here's where you'll find it.
05 May, 2021

Finding gourmet vegetarian food in London is easy. Alongside exclusively vegetarian restaurants, many Michelin-starred restaurants now offer vegetarian menus. Some simply put vegetables centre stage. So whether you’re a vegetarian, flexitarian or you just want to eat more greens, here is a selection of the best vegetarian-friendly gourmet restaurants in London. 


Courgette Flower Olives at Gauthier London

Photo courtesy of Gauthier Soho

Having turned vegan in 2016, French chef Alexis Gauthier will make the food at his Soho restaurant, housed in a converted Georgian townhouse, entirely plant-based upon reopening following lockdown. His vegan ‘Les Plantes’ menu includes a jar of ‘faux gras’ made from lentils, mushrooms and walnuts


Pied a Terre

pied a terre vegan roscoff onion & quinoa

Photo courtesy of Pied a Tere

One of London's oldest Michelin-starred restaurants – it’s held at least one star since 1993 – has a fantastic vegetarian/vegan menu showcasing the assured classical French with a touch of Greek cooking of chef Asimakis Chaniotis, served in one of the city’s most fun dining rooms. 

Pollen Street Social

PSS Vegan 70� chocolate, pear sorbet & tofu

Photo by John Carey

Jason Atherton’s one-Michelin-star Fitzrovia restaurant offers both short and long vegetarian and vegan tasting menus that showcase the best of British seasonal produce. Expect elegant and clean flavours at this flagship of the Atherton empire.


Ikoyi copyright John Carey

Photo by John Carey

One of London’s most interesting restaurants, combining British produce with West African spices, pastes and ferments, Ikoyi also does plenty to accommodate vegetarians. Colourful plating and punchy chilli heat are the order of the day here. 


Red Cabbage Issy Crocker

Photo by Issy Crocker

A list of the best restaurants for vegetarians in London isn’t complete without Yotam Ottolenghi entry. While Soho’s Nopi is a perennial favourite, Rovi, just up the road in Fitzrovia, is also an essential stop for guaranteed deliciousness, with a focus on fermentation and cooking over fire across a plant-forward menu. 


Silo copyright Matt Russell

Photo by Matt Russell

Chef Douglas McMaster’s zero waste concept, transported from Brighton to London, relies predominantly on the inventive use of vegetables. They also churn their own butter, milk their own oats and have an onsite brewery, whilst in the dining room you’ll find upcycled furniture and mycelium fittings.