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Rudy's Vegan Butcher London
UK's First Vegan Butcher Sells Out on Opening Day
The UK's first vegan butcher, Rudy's in London, was mocked by some, but popular demand is high as the shop sold out of faux meat products on its opening day.
Chef Tal Ronnen shares this unusual vegan recipe from his Crossroads Kitchen restaurant in Los Angeles, which also features in the restaurant's cookbook.
PLANT BASED FASHION - A  mannequin surrounded by illustration of algae, mushroom, vegetable and eucalyptus
Plant-Based Fashion is the Future
The rise of plant-based fashion, from vegan sneakers and mushroom leather, to dyes made from food waste. Read about some of the sustainable innovations that are changing the way we dress.
David Attenborough Free-Range meat is Middle Class hypocrisy
David Attenborough: Eating Free-Range Meat is "Middle-Class Hypocrisy"
British naturalist Sir David Attenborough has slammed eating free-range meat as "middle-class hypocrisy".
figs fruit
Are Figs Considered Vegan? The Debate around Fig Fruit
So the answer to the question do vegans eat figs? Well, it depends which kind of vegan.
Anna Pelzer | Unsplash
Wanted: Meat-eaters to go Vegan. Reward: $2500
VeganLiftz, an online resource, is looking for self-professed carnivores from the US’s top five meat-eating states— from Mississippi, Iowa, Nebraska
 Johann Trasch Unsplash.
Infused Aquafaba for Sensational Vegan Cocktails
Infused aquafaba can really come in handy for vegan cocktails that traditionally use egg-whites.
Vegan Waygu_credits Top Tier Foods
Vegan Wagyu Beef is Here
A plant-based, vegan alternative to wagyu beef, called ‘Waygu’ by Canadian company Top Tier Foods is here, and the initial reaction is positive with
Plant based Wagyu Beef
Vegan Beef: Plant-Based 'Wagyu' Impresses Japanese Chef
Plant-based Wagyu Beef is here and the initial reaction is positive with one Japanese chef saying he was "very impressed" by the product.
Vegan meal delivery
The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Delivery in New York
Here are the best options for vegan and vegetarian meal delivery in New York. From restaurants with vegan menus to meal subscription plans that deliver to your door, here are the best.