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vegetarian plum tourtière
6 Vegan Tourtière Recipes
Tourtière has not usually been seen as a perfect vehicle for vegetarian, let alone vegan, substitutes. That said, vegan chefs have consistently proven themselves to be creative and vegan interpretations of this Québécois speciality are certainly no exception. Here are six great vegan tourtière recipes to give you some fresh ideas.
Snacks and Tips to Keep your Veganuary Going
Try these super vegan recipes and tips to flavour hack veganuary and get more bang for your vegetables in the first month of the year.
Among all the spaghetti recipes, don't miss this exclusive dished signed by Italian chef Davide Oldani: traditional spaghetti and tomato sauce with a twist.
Mediterranean aromas and flavours, the recipe for fennel and orange salad.
Fresh with rustic appeal, the Italian recipe for panzanella.
pantry ©iStock
Vegan Pantry Essentials
Pantry staples are those essential foods that you’ll be able to use for many dishes, diversifying your home-cooking - and they often happen to be vegan. Find out what to stock up on.
Rudy's Vegan Butcher London
UK's First Vegan Butcher Sells Out on Opening Day
The UK's first vegan butcher, Rudy's in London, was mocked by some, but popular demand is high as the shop sold out of faux meat products on its opening day.
Chef Tal Ronnen shares this unusual vegan recipe from his Crossroads Kitchen restaurant in Los Angeles, which also features in the restaurant's cookbook.
PLANT BASED FASHION - A  mannequin surrounded by illustration of algae, mushroom, vegetable and eucalyptus
Plant-Based Fashion is the Future
The rise of plant-based fashion, from vegan sneakers and mushroom leather, to dyes made from food waste. Read about some of the sustainable innovations that are changing the way we dress.
David Attenborough Free-Range meat is Middle Class hypocrisy
David Attenborough: Eating Free-Range Meat is "Middle-Class Hypocrisy"
British naturalist Sir David Attenborough has slammed eating free-range meat as "middle-class hypocrisy".