Vegan Food

Vegan Food
Chef Shirel Berger
Shirel Berger: "The plant kingdom is the most fascinating"
The chef/owner of OPA in Tel Aviv is putting fruit and vegetables on the plate but she doesn't want to be labelled. Find out why.
Vegan Cream
Vegan Cream: How to make 5 Easy Dairy Free Substitutes
Heavy, whipped or single cream can all be easily substituted in a dairy-free diet with a few simple plant based recipes. Find out which ones you need.
This Meat-Free Bacon will Make Your Valentine's Day Sizzle
Still looking for an impressive present for Valentine's? Give the gift of meat-free bacon this year.
Pay a vegan app
Now there is an App that will Pay you to Eat Vegan
An app that will give you credit for each vegan meal you eat at a restaurant is about to be launched in Hong Kong. Will this be enough to turn you into a vegan?
Vegan Egg Replacement
13 Vegan Egg Replacements
Going egg-free in the kitchen no longer means missing out. From aquafaba to the flegg, find out all the tips and tricks you need to cook successfully without eggs.
Sat Bains
Sat Bains refuses to cook vegan food and calls it a "rip off"
Two Michelin star chef Sat Bains has claimed that his Nottingham restaurant won’t do vegan food.
Michelin star vegan dishes
Michelin Chefs Cook: 6 vegan recipes for Veganuary
Alexis Gauthier's vegan foie gras, Raymond Blanc's curry, Ramsay's gazpacho and pineapple carpaccio, and more - check out these top chefs' vegan recipes.
faux foods
The top 5 ‘faux’ foods to try this year
Faux burgers, sausages, vegan nuggets, vegan tuna sushi, faux scrambled eggs and now faux pork - find out all the faux foods that are winning over vegans and carnivores alike.
Les Merveillœufs
Two French women have cracked the vegan egg
The notoriously difficult vegan egg problem looks to have been cracked by two female French biologists.
vegan appetizer
10 Tasty Vegan Thanksgiving Appetizers
Need ideas for a vegan-friendly Thanksgiving menu? Get the recipes for vegan appetizers like couscous cakes, Michelin-star chef Swiss chard tart, cabbage sushi and more.
November is World Vegan Month – from obscurity to mainstream
World Vegan Month celebrates a movement that in just 75 years has gone from cultish obscurity to mainstream lifestyle.
Michelin Star Chef accused of putting Chicken stock cube in Vegan Curries
Michelin Star Chef accused of putting Chicken stock cube in Vegan Curries
Karunesh Khanna, executive chef at the Tamarind<