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Paul Sorgule

a chef's hands adding final plating touches
14 Things Only a Chef Can Know
US veteran chef, Paul Sorgule, shares his learnings from decades at the coal face of his profession. Anything you'd add?
Being a Chef Takes Strength, Grace and Dignity_Jeff Siepman on Unsplash
Paul Sorgule: Being a Chef Takes Strength, Grace and Dignity
US chef Paul Sorgule steps up with some sage advice on the qualities it takes to be both a successful chef and leader in a kitchen.
Line Cook Rules_Toa Heftiba_Unsplash
Paul Sorgule's 10 Principles for Professional Cooks
Paul Sorgule offers up ten guiding principles on what it takes to be a professional cook which reach beyond conduct, policy, procedures and pandemics, from respect and team work to honesty and professionalism.
Kitchen Brigata
Exercise, Diet and Discipline: Are you Looking after your Kitchen Brigade?
Experienced industry professional, Paul Sorgule, offers up ten tips to chefs to encourage a motivated and productive team in the kitchen. What would you add?
Types of line cook
Pirate, perfectionist or paranoid: what type of chef are you?
From the veteran to the angry chef, which one are you and how many have you worked with? US chef Paul Sorgule defines the ten most common types of cook found in professional kitchens.
Chefs at work
Becoming a chef - 11 steps to greatness
Chef Paul Sorgule writes about what makes a chef great and how every chef can get there.
10 Phases to Becoming a Professional Chef
10 Phases to Becoming a Professional Chef
From the first day stepping into the kitchen to racking up a lifetime of experience there's a lot that happens in between. Chef Paul Sorgule explains what.
The 5 Types of Chef
A professional chef says there are five distinct types of chef working in kitchens today – do you agree?
16 Tips on what to Expect on Day One in a Professional Kitchen
A professional chef shares 16 pieces of advice for anyone entering a professional kitchen for the first time.
Chef Shares 15 Unwritten Laws of the Kitchen
A professional chef dishes on 15 unwritten laws that anyone who's ever worked in a professional kitchen should recognise.