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fine dining menus
Fine Dining Menus

Fine dining menus are an exquisite option for gourmet lovers: follow our stories, blog posts and photos to discover the best fine dining recipes and restaurants.

Imagine that travel and money weren’t an issue, and picture having the best fine dining menu of a lifetime, choosing entrees, main courses and desserts from the top fine dining restaurants in the world. Regardless of the restaurants you would choose, it would likely be for a very special occasion. Even the richest will go to a fine dining restaurant to celebrate a particular occasion, and must, therefore, find a fine dining menu that meets their exquisite expectations. For those of us that will walk through those doors few, rare times, there are the so called prix fixe menus that provide a fine dining menu selection that allows patrons to taste the chef’s top choices. This generally includes a wine and liquor selection to help even the least expert navigate the biblical wine list and choose the most suitable pairing for the fine dining dish options.

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Muse's dish
A Look at Tom Aikens’ New Menu: Muse
Tom Aikens' new restaurant Muse is to open its doors in London with many perplexed at the menu format.
Riccardo Camanini Cacio and Pepe
Cacio e Pepe: Through the Eyes of the Chef Riccardo Camanini
Learn how to make real Cacio Pepe with the Michelin starred chef Riccardo Camanini.
Through the Eyes of The Chef Camanini
Through the Eyes of The Chef - Trailer
Learn to make classic, delicious recipes with tips, tricks and techniques from the world’s best chefs. 
The Fat Duck
'The Fable Tree': the first Christmas-themed menu from The Fat Duck
Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck is serving its first-ever Christmas themed menu called The Fable Tree.
Cerveza de Sarzago at Central restaurant
The end of wine hegemony in fine dining menus
Top-quality ingredients and unusual pairings: how beers are taking the fine dining scene with more diverse flavors and a chefy approach.
Mishiguene restaurant, Buenos Aires
Dishcovery: enjoy a video menu with us!
The Dishcovery video series on Fine Dining Lovers let you step inside the most amazing restaurants for some of the most unique dining experiences in the world. First stop: Mishiguene in Buenos Aires
Dishcovery: Mishiguene restaurant
Dishcovery: a dinner at Mishiguene
We were lucky enough to enjoy an evening at Mishiguene’s Chef’s Table in Buenos Aires.
Dominique Crenn at Identità Golose 2019
Dominique Crenn takes meat off the menu
The three Michelin star chef has announced that land-based meat will be taken off the menu of all ger restaurants.
Odette Restaurant Dish
17 Dishes from Singapore's newest three star restaurant Odette
A selection of dishes from Odette, one of Singapore's two new three Michelin star restaurants by Chef Julien Royer
TATE Dining Room Menu
An Ode to Hong Kong: TATE Dining Room’s New Degustation Menu
Check out the images of the Chinese-French dishes from 1 Michelin star TATE Dining Room in Hong Kong, by chef Vicky Lau.
Inspirational dishes: summertime at Gucci Osteria
Inspirational dishes: summertime at Gucci Osteria
Feast your eyes on a selection of outstanding dishes created by Karime Lopez, head chef at Massimo Bottura's restaurant in collaboration with Gucci.
José Andrés' Inspirational Dishes
José Andrés' Inspirational Dishes
Our inspirational dishes series celebrates some of the best dishes from some of the leading chefs in the world, like