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How to Make a French-Style Steak Tartare - The Secrets of French Cuisine

Our Secrets of French Cuisine series brings you incredible tips and tricks, straight from the chef’s kitchen. Master classic French recipes, updated with a modern twist. 

Steak tartare is a deceptively simple meat dish that is typical of French cuisine in that it allows the ingredient to reach its full potential. Watch chef Romain Avril make steak tartare and then take this classic French dish to a whole new level, substituting raw veal for beef, plus many more tips.

18 November, 2021
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Caper Mayonnaise
Egg yolks
Vegetable oil
1/3 cup
1 tbsp
2 tbsp (chopped)
Salt and pepper
To taste
Cured egg yolk
Egg yolks
Fine salt
¼ cup
Caster sugar
¼ cup
Crispy Tempura Bits
Tempura Batter
1/4 cup tempura mix
Sparkling Water
San Pellegrino water
Marine Plankton
1 tsp plankton powder
Vegetable oil
1 cup
Sherry dressing
1 tbsp
Sherry vinegar
3 tbsp
Extra virgin olive oil
6 tbsp
Tomato Jam
Roma Tomatoes
1 (peeled and diced)
Red onion
2 tbsp (diced)
½ tbsp
Brown sugar
½ tbsp
Balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp
1 tbsp (chopped)
Olive oil
1 oz
Charred Baby Gem
Baby Gems
Vegetable oil
1 oz
Pickled shallots
Rice Vinegar
½ cup
½ cup
Caster sugar
½ cup
Bay leaf
Coriander seeds
1 tsp
Star anise
1 pc
¼ pc
8 oz veal tenderloin (diced)
4 (diced)
½ (diced)
Lemon zest
¼ lemon
½ bunch (diced)
1 (sliced)
Worcester Sauce
to taste
to taste
2 slices sourdough bread (grilled)

Step 01

Caper Mayo

Caper mayo:

In a stainless-steel bowl, whisk the egg yolk and mustard and emulsify with the oil. Season with salt and add the capers.

Step 02

Cured egg yolk:

- Place the egg yolk on top of the salt and sugar mix and then cover it completely with the mixture.
- Place in fridge for 2 days.
- Rinse and pat dry the yolk.
- Dehydrate for 12 hours.

Step 03

Crispy Tempura

Crispy tempura bits

Mix the tempura mix with the plankton.

Step 04

Tempura mix

Whisk the water into the tempura mix until you obtain the right consistency (thick slurry).


Step 05

Tempura Mix

In a saucepan, bring the oil to 350F. Drop your hand in the tempura and let the mix drip from your fingers over the pot of hot oil.



Step 06

Tempura Mix

Repeat the process. Let it cook for 1 minute and scoop the bits onto absorbing paper.

Season right away. Set aside.

Step 07

Sherry Dressing

Sherry dressing

In a stainless-steel bowl, whisk the mustard and sherry vinegar.

Step 08

Sherry Dressing

Emulsify with olive oil.

Step 09

Sherry Dressing

Season with salt and reserve.

Step 10

Tomato Jam

Tomato jam

- In a saucepan, heat up the olive oil and add the onions, sweat them without colour.
- Add the garlic and cook for another minute.
- Add the tomato and cook for few minutes, sprinkle the brown sugar.
- Cook for 10 minutes.
- Deglaze with balsamic vinegar and reduce until the mix thickens.
- Finish with coriander, cool down and reserve.

Step 11

Charred baby gems

Charred baby gem

Split the baby gems in half.

Step 12

charred baby gems

Heat up a cast-iron pan and add the oil.

Step 13

Charred baby gems

Char the gems on the cut side.

Step 14

Charred baby gems

Take them out of the pan and let them cool down. Set aside.

Step 15

Pickled Shallots

Pickled shallots

- Place all the ingredients except the shallots in a saucepan and bring it up to a simmer.
- Let it steep for 5 minutes.
- Slice the shallot thin and split the rings.
- Pour over the pickling liquid, cool down and reserve.

Step 16

Garnish_Beef Tartare

To garnish

Start mixing the veal with the caper mayo, gherkins, shallots, lemon zest, chives, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper.

Step 17

Garnish_Beef Tartare

Split the mix between two plates and top up with some tomato jam.

Step 18

Garnish_Beef Tartare

Garnish with pickled shallots, radish, grated cured yolk and crispy tempura bits, and serve with sourdough and baby gems, brushed with sherry dressing.

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