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Try this easy mayonnaise recipe to prepare this famous and tasty sauce like a French chef.

30 March, 2023
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Type of dish

Dietary Consideration

serves for


total time

0 HR 15 MIN


Egg yolks
1, very fresh, room temperature
300ml/10 fl oz (all vegetable oil, or better half olive oil)
to taste
White vinegar
20ml/0.7 fl oz
Dijon mustard
to taste
to taste

How to make mayonnaise


Step 01

Put the egg yolk, pepper, salt and mustard in a bowl.

Step 02

Beat continuously and vigorously with a whisk, adding the oil drop by drop: this requires a great deal of patience, but it is the only way to obtain a light yet firm mayonnaise.

Step 03

When the sauce has reached the desired density, all that remains is to add the vinegar (some people prefer lemon juice), again, a drop at a time.

Step 04

Once the mayonnaise is ready, leave it to rest in the fridge for a couple of hours.


Tips & tricks

  • A little acid, as provided by the vinegar or even lemon juice, helps stabilise the mayonnaise mixture.
  • It’s important to use a neutral oil that is light in flavour – olive oil can be a little overpowering.
  • If your mayonnaise just won’t thicken, you need to keep in mind that the oil must be added very slowly, drop by drop. All at once and your mixture will curdle.
  • Mayonnaise comes from the family of French 'aise' sauces that also includes béarnaise and hollandaise, all of which start with an egg and an oil/butter-based emulsion.

How to eat mayonnaise

Of course, mayonnaise comes into its own in a sandwich, but it’s also great for adding to a salad or serving as a dip with treats such as crab cakes, arancini or battered fish bites. It’s also hard to beat with a platter of prepared raw vegetables or crudités. Try stirring it into mashed potatoes for extra creaminess!

How to cook flavoured mayonnaise

As delicious as it is simple, mayonnaise lends itself to endless variations, giving you the chance to create your own flavour combinations depending on what you plan to serve it with. Once you’ve made your mayonnaise, fold in the flavoured ingredients while taking care not to overwork it. Try everything from tangy wasabi to rich blue cheese.

This recipe was updated on 30/03/2023.

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