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How to Make Bread Croutons for Salads and Stuffing

Find out how to the make the perfect bread croutons for crisp salads and stuffings.

16 December, 2020
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0 HR 15 MIN


White bread
200 g
Extra virgin olive oil
Aromatic herbs

Bread croutons are ideal for adding a touch of crunchiness to salads and stuffings. Bread croutons are so easy to make but, for a perfect result, you should use an excellent quality loaf. The secret to making delicious bread croutons is to flavour them with herbs and sweet paprika.

Step 01


Photo: Claudia Concas

To make your croutons, start by slicing the loaf. The slices should be about 1cm thick. Then, remove the crusts and cut the bread into strips. Cut the strips into small cubes.

Step 02


Photo: Claudia Concas

Chop the herbs finely. Pour a drizzle of oil into a non-stick frying pan. Add the bread croutons and the chopped herbs.

Step 03


Photo: Claudia Concas

Toss the croutons over a fairly high heat. Take care to turn them frequently to avoid burning. When the herb-flavoured croutons are crisp and golden brown, transfer them to a sheet of greaseproof paper. Add more oil to the pan and fry the rest of the bread with a dusting of paprika.

Useful tips and interesting facts

Bread croutons are also perfect for giving a touch of crispness to cream soups and veloutés. Besides, croutons are a great way to reduce food waste. If you make them from stale bread they will be even crisper. Instead, use the leftover crusts to make meatballs even more delicious. You just have to soak the crusts for a few moments in water or milk before breaking them into small pieces and adding them to your meatball or meatloaf mixture.


Bread croutons for salads and stuffings are also excellent when baked in the oven. Arrange them on a greaseproof paper-lined oven tray, add a drizzle of olive oil, and flavour them with herbs and spices. Bake in the oven at 170°C for 5-8 minutes, turning them over at least twice.

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