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Seawater Ravioli

Seawater Ravioli

The scent of seawater in a dish: a dough made with mussels filled with scampi in this creative seafood ravioli recipe by chef Andrea Bertarini

09 May, 2012
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serves for


total time

0 HR 40 MIN


Oyster water
50 g
Clam juice
100 g + 50 g, hard-shell clam liquid
50 g still, mineral
Agar agar
15 g
Langoustine broth
10 g
Cuttlefish ink
10 g
100 g
100 g
100 g
1, Sicilian


Mix together all the liquids and the water, add the agar-agar and bring to the boil. 

Pour onto the Silpat and cut out disk shapes with the aid of a pastry cutter.

Stuff 2 disks with the scampi tartare and then proceed to make them into ravioli.

Repeat this operation with the scallop tartare.

Blanch the samphire and arrange it at the centre of the dish.

Sear the prawn and keep it warm.

Heat the ravioli by steaming at 80° C for 20 seconds, arrange them on the dish and dress with the cuttlefish ink and the bisque.

Garnish with the Sicilian prawn.

This dish was cooked during the gourmet event Sapori Ticino 2012: read the report



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