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Cynthia Xrysw Ruelas Diaz Cookbook

Photo: courtesy of Gilberto Hernandez

Pink Mole and Charcoal-Grilled Beetroot

Chyntia Xrysw Ruelas Diaz is the S.Pellegrino Young Chef regional winner for Latin America.

04 May, 2021
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serves for


total time

1 HR 0 MIN


Pink Mole
Cinnamon sticks
2 cm
Star anise
1 pcs
3 pcs
1 teaspoon
Piñón rosa
100 g
100 g
Chili Pepper
90 g
to taste
1 (100 g)
1 (100 g)
150 g for sauté
200 ml
Charcoal-grilled beetrot 
Baby Beetroots
Corn dough
1 kg
Apple cider vinegar
Caster sugar
30 g

Chyntia Xrysw Ruelas Diaz presents her favourite and traditional, yet little-known mole, 'mole rosa y betabel'. The Mexican-inspired vegetarian dish is full of flavour and surprise, perfect for a special occasion at home, to be shared with friends, family or even a lover.

Diaz says that both the choice of ingredients and cooking techniques reflect the history of her country, pre and post-colonisation, and is a means of preserving native ingredients and techniques while looking to the future.



Step 01

cooking beetroot

Photo: courtesy of Gilberto Hernandez

Pink Mole

Light the coals. Clean the beetroot then place it directly under the coals. 

Step 02

toast spices

Photo: courtesy of Gilberto Hernandez

Meanwhile, one by one, toast the cinnamon sticks, star anise, clover, cumin and chilli pepper, and set aside.

Step 03

cooking onion, chili pepper, garlic

Photo: courtesy of Gilberto Hernandez

In the same skillet, heat the lard and brown the ingredients in the following order, one by one: onion and garlic, sesame, almond and piñón rosa.

Step 04

crush spices and beetrooth

Photo: courtesy of Gilberto Hernandez

Process with a metate by grinding the spices first, then the dry ingredients. Finally, remove the beetroot from under the coals, let it cool, and grind it.

Chef tips: you can use a blender instead of a metate.

Step 05

pink mole

Photo: courtesy of Gilberto Hernandez

Once everything has been ground, add chicken or vegetable broth. Season and reserve.

Chef tips: You can heat the broth in a saucepan and add it to the spices in a blender until smooth.

Step 06

Corn dough

Photo: courtesy of Gilberto Hernandez

Charcoal-grilled beetroot 

Light the charcoal on a grill. In the meantime season the corn dough with salt, knead and set aside. 

Step 07

Beet covered with a layer of corn dough

Photo: courtesy of Gilberto Hernandez

Cover the baby beetroot with a layer of corn dough (a tortilla press can be used), and cook under the coal or in the pan until the baby beetroot is soft.


Step 08

remove dough

Photo: courtesy of Gilberto Hernandez

Remove and rest for 20 min. Then remove the layer of dough that covers them.

Step 09

heat pink mole

Photo: courtesy of Gilberto Hernandez

In a small saucepan, add vinegar, sugar and salt. Immerse the beetroot here and heat to reduce a little. Heat the pink mole.


Step 10



Arrange the pink mole on a plate first and place the baby beetroot in the centre.

To garnish, use some vinegar reduction with sugar, and decorate with edible flowers if desired.

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