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Greek Salad

Greek Salad

An easy Greek salad recipe with feta cheese, tomato, cucumber and olives: one of the best Mediterranean foods, ready in just twenty minutes.

26 April, 2012
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0 HR 20 MIN


1, diced
Green bell pepper
1, deseeded, cut into strips
2 each, diced
1 red, sliced
Black olives
30 ml
Green olives
30 ml
1 cloves, crushed
Feta cheese
200 g, diced
Wine vinegar
45 ml
Olive oil
45 ml
5 ml
1 pinch
30 ml, chopped
Romaine lettuce
1 heart, leaves torn into pieces


How To Make Greek Salad

1. Mix together the cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, onion and lettuce.

2. Add the black and green olives, garlic and feta cheese.

3. Peel the cucumber, halve the green bell pepper lengthwise, scrape out the seeds and dice the flesh.

4. Put the vinegar and olive oil into a jar with the capers and a pinch of sugar and season with salt and ground black pepper.

5. Seal and shake to mix.

6. Toss the dressing into the salad and serve sprinkled with the basil.

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