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Parma Ham with Figs

Parma Ham with Figs

The delicate flavours of prosciutto di Parma are a perfect pairing for the sweetness of figs. This is a heavenly combination of sweet and savoury.

18 April, 2012
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total time

0 HR 5 MIN


Parma prosciutto
200 g
Balsamic vinegar
5 ml


Wash and dry the figs, cut them in quarters being careful not to damage them.

Right before serving, arrange the slices of prosciutto in the center of a plate, as if forming a flower.

Inside of every ‘rose,’ place a sliced fig.

Garnish with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and a few leaves of basil. Serve immediately.

Wine pairing: Collio Sauvignon

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