Hugo McCafferty

Hugo McCafferty
Hugo McCafferty

Hugo McCafferty

Hugo is a journalist from Dublin but has lived in Italy for more than 13 years on and off and can call himself a certified Italophile.

With over 20 years journalism under his belt he has covered a wide range of subjects from news, to politics, design, fashion, sport, history, tech and of course food. He looks for the cultural threads in a subject that tie us all together and looks for wider meaning in the local stories.

Hugo reports on Italy’s complex society and politics and is published by The Times, Irish Independent, Al Jazeera, Swide and more. For Hugo the cultural signifiers in food are the key to understanding our past and our present. Which is why he finds Italian cuisine so fascinating. By deconstructing local dishes we can unravel centuries-long traditions, migrations, cultural shifts and environmental issues - we can literally taste history.

Hugo is passionate about food and drink’s ability to bring people from different backgrounds and viewpoints together and spends his free time trying to simplify his life, reduce his carbon footprint and appreciate the small things.

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