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Marseille: Chef Alexandre Mazzia's Top Picks

Marseille, France

Photo Florian Wehde on Unsplash

Marseille: Chef Alexandre Mazzia's Top Picks

Not sure where to eat out in the second-largest city in France? Let the Michelin starred chef from AM Restaurant guide you to his favourite hangouts.
11 January, 2020

Marseille is set to be one of France's most popular destinations for 2020. The vibrant port and second-largest city in France not only has edgy appeal when it comes to culture, but with so many eclectic options to choose between when dining out, it's easy to see its short-break attraction.

With that in mind, we've gone ahead and sussed out the hotspots on the city's dining scene, with the help of one of the city's two-Michelin-starred chefs.

Chef Alexandre Mazzia from AM restaurant reveals his secret addresses in Marseille, from the neighbourhood pizzeria to the gourmet restaurant. Prepare to map them for your trip.

L'Auberge du Corsaire Chez Paul

Auberge du Corsaire chez Paul, Marseille

For a convivial family lunch, Alexandre Mazzia recommends the Auberge du Corse 'Chez Paul', located at the Goudes fishing port in Marseille. Here one can dine on fresh fish and grilled meat prepared simply but elegantly, whilst enjoying the incredible view.

La Mercerie

When Alexandre Mazzia is pressed for time but still wants to eat well, he has lunch at La Merceriea small gourmet bistro tucked away in the Noailles district. The place was first opened by Julia Sammut, owner of the grocery-cellar-table d'hôte L'Idéal, is now animated daily by Quebec sommelier Laura Vidal, English cook Harry Cummins and Canadian manager Julia Mitton. On the menu: elegant dishes made from local products served with natural wines.

Le Petit Nice - Passadat

Le Petit Nice, Marseille

Alexandre Mazzia has great admiration for another well-known chef from Marseilles: Gérald Passédat. Moreover, the two-starred chef from AM restaurant often says that the day before Juliette, his daughter was born, he had dinner with his wife Anne at Petit Nice. That evening, the former basketball player had a revelation when eating a lobster dish, a very personal recipe from Gérald Passedat which completely sums up his universe and his personality. "That’s what you have to do, don't be afraid of being yourself," says Alexandre Mazzia, who has since not missed an opportunity to pay tribute to his colleague.

Épicerie L'Idèal

Epicerie L'Idéal, Marseille

Alexandre Mazzia loves going to L'Idéal, a wine shop-cum-grocery-store-cum-table-d'hôte run by Julia Sammut, when he wants to grab a quick bite.

Bricoleurs de Douceurs

Bricoleur de doceur, Marseille

Le chef has fallen in love with Bricoleurs de Douceurs, a Marseille pastry shop run by Clément Higgins and Aurélie Pauletto. The duo revisit the classics of French pastry in a fresh and creative way wth offerings like lemon tart, baba with rum or 'Marseille-Brest'.

Villa Rocca

Villa Rocca restaurant, Marseille

When AM's double-starred chef has a sudden urge for pizza, he heads to Villa Rocca, in the 8th arrondissement of Marseille.

La Boîte à Sardine

La Boîte à Sardine, Marseille

And last but not least, when Alexandre Mazzia goes out with friends, he enjoys going to La Boîte à Sardine by Fabien Rugi. Here you can eat small seafood dishes washed down with good wine ... What more could you ask for?