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Capri: a Blue Island tasting tour

Capri: a Blue Island tasting tour

Capri: a Blue Island tasting tour

08 August, 2019

Not only luxury shops in this pearl of the Mediterranean sea: 4 Michelin stars enrich the Italian island. Find out the best places to eat in Capri!

Capri, the world-famous island in the Italian region of Campania, is the pearl of the Mediterranean everyone wishes to visit. The exclusive island is known for its luxury shops on Via Camerelle, its breathtaking landscapes, the charming Piazzetta and the iconic Faraglioni, which symbolise the island.

But don't be taken in by the international character of this elitist tourist spot: on Capri, it is possible to find an excellent and refined Italian cuisine, which even meets the expectations of fine dining lovers. In fact the island can boast as many as 4 Michelin stars, one at the centrally located and panoramic Mammà, one on the seashore at Il Riccio Beach Club & Restaurant and two in Anacapri at L'Olivo.

However, there are other gourmet addresses waiting to be discovered in the most far-flung and scenic corners of this enchanting island, from the impeccable Le Monzù inside the Hotel Punta Tragara to the trendy RendezVous, the restaurant run by the Grand Hotel Quisisana.

Fish abounds, of course, but so does the most authentic culinary tradition of Campania: here below are 8 gourmet addresses for dining out on the island of Capri (Marina Grande and Anacapri included).

Le Monzù

Le monzu

Located on the premises of the Hotel Punta Tragara, a splendid villa designed by Le Corbusier, the restaurant Le Monzù dining room is blessed with a view looking directly onto the Faraglioni, as well as a pool bar where it is extremely agreeable and relaxing to have lunch or an aperitif. Whether it is a light lunch you desire, or a dinner consisting of several courses, at Le Monzù the accent is inevitably placed on the most traditional aromas and flavours of the Mediterranean, with a preference for the typical dishes of Capri and Naples, interpreted with the creative flair of chef Luigi Lionetti. The unusual name of this restaurant derives from the French word "monsieur", a name the aristocratic Neapolitans of times gone by used to give to the chefs who worked in their homes. The gourmet experience of an haute cuisine which starts from the cheese products of the Monti Lattari and extends to the sea with raw fish is truly unique: a few minutes' walk between some of the most spectacular villas on Capri leads to the restaurant.



The Rendez-Vous restaurant is a gourmet boutique in which to savour culinary delights. Not surprisingly, it is located on Via Camerelle, the street known for its luxury shops and designer labels. This is the gourmet restaurant nestling inside the impressive building of the famous Grand Hotel Quisisana. Once you are sitting comfortably on one of the white dining chairs of the Rendez-Vous, elegance melds with its welcoming atmosphere thanks to the gourmet creations of chef Stefano Mazzone, who also supervises La Colombaia, the poolside restaurant, and the Quisi snack bar, all part of the same establishment. The restaurant is run by Aldo D'Errico, whose resume comprises experiences with Gualtiero Marchesi and Heinz Winkler.



In a narrow lane imbued with the atmosphere of the most authentic folklore of Capri, you suddenly come across a restaurant that delivers haute cuisine without sacrificing any of its regional authenticity. The menu of the Mammà, a charming island venue with a breathtaking view and one Michelin star, starts with a taste of pizza, made to an exclusive recipe, before proceeding with the gourmet repertoire of chef Salvatore La Ragione, who has also worked with Alain Ducasse. The result is a culinary recount of regional authenticity, one which is sure to please a clientele of food lovers, whether they come from Italy or elsewhere. It is no coincidence that chef Gennaro Esposito has also done a working spell here Gennaro Esposito.

Gennaro Amitrano

Just a few steps away from the famous Piazzetta, chef Gennaro Amitrano, trained by Casa Vissani (he has also worked for L'Altro Vissani, which has now closed) and with experience acquired under Alain Ducasse, now manages his intimate gourmet restaurant consisting of just four tables. For a dinner party with a maximum of eight guests, the little dining room on the side is ideal. The menu is a well-balanced alternation of dishes based on ingredients from the land and from the sea. The gourmet menu at 40 Euros includes a glass of wine. Gennaro Iorio looks after the wine list which gives priority to autochthonous products. It is interesting to note that the venue is open all year round both for lunch and dinner.



A strong focus on raw materials, organic ingredients, products in risk of extinctionSlow Food and refined presentations make JKitchen one of the venues worth trying when in Capri. This classy restaurant is located at Marina Grande, not very far from the Tourist Port of Capri. It is open to guests staying at the JK Place Capri, overhanging the sea but also to external clients. The contemporary menu is inspired by cucina napoletana, and based on seasonal products.


This is the only restaurant on the island to have been awarded two Michelin stars. Located inside the Capri Palace at Anacapri, L'Olivo is a triumph of Italian excellence, starting from the furnishings: Loro Piana fabrics, Murano glass and design details. Poised between innovation and tradition, the cuisine served indoors or on the terrace is signed by chef Andrea Migliaccio, who is always particularly attentive to the decoration of each dish as it leaves the kitchen on its way to the table.

The Riccio Beach Club & Restaurant

One Michelin star at Anacapri. The Riccio Beach Club & Restaurant is the most "maritime" of Capri's gourmet venues. A terrace overlooking the sea, white walls and drapes and wood tables painted in the shade of Mykonos blue add up to the perfect setting for the dishes prepared by chef Salvatore Elefante, whose protagonists are fish and shellfish.