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From relative obscurity to international adoration, Peru’s national cuisine has come a long way in the past two decades. Pioneered by restaurants like Astrid y Gastón, modern Peruvian cuisine combines European technique with Peru’s natural bounty of indigenous ingredients. Today, thanks in part to this revalorazation of its local dishes, Lima is a top culinary destination, having repeatedly topped the list of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants.

Lima’s relatively recent rise to culinary fame satisfies a curiosity for the unknown and the yet-to-be-discovered. While ceviche has been elevated from a local stable to a global foodie favorite, other,
less-known Peruvian dishes and ingredients await the novelty-seeking palate, drawn from Peru’s diverse range of ecosystems to the plates of its finest restaurants and streetside stands.

Peru’s national drink, the pisco sour, is the fruit of a 400 year tradition of wine production dating back to the Spanish introduction of the first grapes to South America. Pisco can only be made in five coastal regions, including the area surrounding Lima, making the city an excellent place to sample the national favorite.

Chef Gastón Acurio traveled the Peruvian countryside to discover all the flavors the country has to offer so you don’t have to—a food tour of Lima will give you a feel for the country’s diverse culinary heritage. Visit Central Restaurante for meticulous plating or one of Lima’s coastal cebicherias for the freshest no-frills seafood.

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