Michelin Tokyo 2021
Michelin Guide Tokyo 2021 - See the New Stars
The Michelin Guide Tokyo 2021 has launched - see all the new stars in the most-starred city in the world here.
Wagyu Beef
The Price of Wagyu Beef: How Much Does it Cost?
There’s nothing quite like the taste and texture of real wagyu beef. A little taste of this 'Japanese cow' can cost a small fortune, is it worth the price?
Fugu Japanese fish
Japan’s Poison Puffer Fish: Fugu
A look at Fugu, a Japanese puffer fish, one of the most dangerous products in the world. Discover where to eat this sought-after and expensive delicacy.
Plant based Wagyu Beef
Vegan Beef: Plant-Based 'Wagyu' Impresses Japanese Chef
Plant-based Wagyu Beef is here and the initial reaction is positive with one Japanese chef saying he was "very impressed" by the product.
Tokyo restaurant
Only in Tokyo - Mannequins and Cheerleaders Create Unique Atmosphere
Tokyo restaurant uses mannequins and cheerleaders to aid social distancing. Thank you, Tokyo.
Discover Natto: Japan's Secret Soybean Superfood
Natto is one of Japan's hottest fermented superfoods. It can be an acquired taste that’s often best paired with other flavours, but natto is extremely nutritious and easy to make.
Kyoto Japan
#50BestTalks Asia
Chefs Yuki Chidui, Richard Ekkebus, Cho Hee-sook, Ivan Brehm and Natsuko Shoji discuss breaking rules on the theme "Shattering Myths" at the annual talk ahead of the awards ceremony in Saga Prefecture, Japan.
Japanese Dashi
Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Dashi
Dashi is the king of umami. From ichiban dashi to shiitake dashi, find out about all the different types of dashi, how they are made and what dishes to use them in.
Maison Louis Vuitton Osaka Midosuji
Louis Vuitton to Open its First Cafe
The luxury French brand are opening their first cafe in Osaka, Japan this February. See what's planned.
niseko tasting tour
Niseko: a city tasting tour with chef Willin Low
Singapore born and raised Willin Low was a lawyer for eight years before donning whites and quickly making a name for himself as a chef.
Été restaurant's dish
In search of exclusivity: Shoji Natsuko's six-seats restaurant
After five years of by-invitation-only, Été is moving and opening to online reserve: meet chef Natsuko, born as a pastry chef and now experimenting a new cuisine based on seasonal Japanese ingredients
Tokyo road
Tokyo’s top 5 ramen restaurants according to AI
A Japanese start-up has compiled a list of the top ramen restaurants in Tokyo according to Artificial Intelligence.