Anuga Cologne
The Anuga food trade fair returns to Cologne from October 9-13 with a huge array of exhibitors in an event that packs 10 trade shows under o
Michelin Guide Genrmany 2021
Michelin Guide Germany 2021 - The Full List
The Michelin Guide to Germany: 2021 the full list with new three-star restaurant and two-star restaurants.
durian fruit
Stink in Schweinfurt - Six Hospitalised and Building Evacuated by Durian Fruit
A post office in Bavaria German has evacuated when a package containing durian fruit arrived. 12 employees received medical attention.
Rutz Berlin dish
A Look at Berlin's First Three-Star Restaurant: Rutz
See the dishes at Rutz, the newly crowned three-Michelin starred restaurant, located in Berlin with Chef Marco Müller at the helm.
Germany Michelin Guide 2020
Michelin Guide to Germany 2020 - See all the new stars
Germany's new Michelin Guide reveals a new three-star, seven one star and 29 one-star restaurants. Find out who they are.
German innovative restaurants 2020
The German restaurant trailbrazers to book in 2020
Find out the best spots not to miss if you're an enthusiastic foodie and you're planning a journey to Germany in the next months.
Schwarzwaldstube restaurant
Three-Michelin star Schwarzwaldstube burns to the ground
The three Michelin star restaurant Schwarzwaldstube in Germany's Black Forest was burned to the ground over the weekend.
Cologne with Joachim Wissler
Cologne: a city tasting tour with chef Wissler
Cologne was one of the first cities in Germany to be recognized in triple Michelin stars and its status as one of the country’s more interesting cu
Kin Dee's dish
The Berliner bistronomy is enhancing the flavour of the city
Step inside the city's most trailblazing kitchens that are shaking the food scene thanks to their international influences.
Berlin Tasting Tour with Chef Frank
Berlin tasting tour with chef Sebastian Frank
A meal at Berlin’s Horváth restaurant
Munich: Jan Hartwig’s Best Places to Eat
“Munich is colourful and Germany offers a lot of fantastic product
The sweetest side of Berlin: 5 + 1 addresses not to miss
The sweetest side of Berlin: 5 + 1 addresses not to miss
Local ingredients, unusual mixes, flavours from the world: step inside some of the best pastry laboratories worth a visit in the German capital.