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Ugly, Funky, and Tart: Have You Tried the Wood Apple Fruit?

20 February, 2020
Wood apple

Photo Flikr, Hafiz Issadeen, CC Some Rights Reserved

The hard, rough exterior is covered in sticky brown pulp and small white seeds, and once cracked open, exposes a soft, dark brown flesh that looks like banana pudding

What does wood apple fruit taste like?

Wood apple pulp has a sour, funky taste that is delicious with a touch of sugar in desserts, or alternatively, with warm spices for savoury dishes. In Sri Lanka, locals make wood apple juice by adding sugar and coconut milk to the strained pulp. The resulting juice is tart, sweet and creamy, and is a refreshing street food option that's popular in the summertime.

Wood apple pulp is also used to make chutneys and jams, the latter made by cooking the pulp with sugar and spices such as cardamom. Try its tart-sweet flavour in desserts such as ice cream, or go at it like many of the locals do: taste it straight out of its hard shell by scooping out the pudding-like pulp with a spoon. 

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