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The Secrets of Fine Dining: Discover our Brand New Series

26 October, 2021
The Secrets of Fine Dining

Tomato Sphere Inside a Cheese Broth Gel aka 'Cube of Wonders'

Rudakova shows how to make a transparent cube complete with a tomato sphere suspended in the centre. Prepare to be stunned.


Hot and Cold Coffee

How do you like your coffee – hot or iced? Now, you don’t have to choose - Rudakova shows you how to make a cup of coffee that's both hot and cold at the same time. Watch and see.


Watermelon Otsukuri

Finally, Rudakova shows how to make a vegan otsukuri (a type of sashimi that is usually made with fish) with watermelon. Watch and learn.


To see more videos and fine dining creations from Natalia Rudakova, visit her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram.