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Play Phoodle, the Food Lovers' Wordle

12 May, 2022
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Phoodle has been available to play online since May the 1st and the food-related answers have been quite simple, ranging from ‘mango’, to ‘toast’ and ‘broil’. It is expected that as the game continues and the obvious answers get used up, and more people log on, the game will become more of a brain-teaser.

Phoodle works exactly like Wordle. You have to guess the hidden five-letter word in six guesses. With each guess you make, the game displays whether the letters you have entered appear in the hidden world and where. A nice touch is a confetti shower when eventually you get the right answer.

There are also plans to include a weekly recipe and each word reveal comes with a ‘fun food fact’. There’s definitely potential to expand the site beyond mere digital world games.

Click Here to Play Phoodle

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