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Phoodle: Winning Tips and Strategies

26 May, 2022
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Tips and strategies for playing Phoodle

Start with the same word every time

Devotees to the word game Wordle swear by the strategy of starting with the same word every time, and it can work for Phoodle too. It will give a familiar baseline to work with. Pick a word with three different vowels like ‘anise' or ‘juice', which will give you the best chance of guessing correctly in the next turns. Eventually you might be able to guess the Phoodle word on the first attempt, which is the ultimate aim for any Phoodle enthusiast.

Use a different word every time

It may not be the ideal strategy for Phoodle, but using a word that you haven’t used before can keep your vocabulary exercised and may improve your long-term Phoodle prowess. Starting with the same word each time, may prove more successful in the short term, but the whole point of the game is to prove your word range and keep your brain sharp. So why not mix it up?

Use a different word for your second guess

The more you can vary your guessing, the more success you will have. Phoodle is all about the process of elimination. So remember to vary the consonants as well as the vowels, and you’ll be able to find the letters that don’t exist, so you can find the ones that do.

Brush up on your French and Italian

The majority of solutions to Phoodle so far have been very simple English language words. But the lexicon of food includes many French and Italian words. So far, the Italian words ‘frito’ and ‘pizza’ have appeared, and the French word for beef, ‘boeuf’, has appeared. Familiarise yourself with the order of Italian and French vowels as well as double consonants, and you’ll get a sense of when a word might come from one of these two languages.

Letters may appear in other places

A double letter may appear in another place in a word, but not be indicated by a green square. Just because you guess a letter right in one place, doesn’t mean Phoodle will help you by showing you that it appears twice. Double letters make your guesses less efficient, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Write it down

We all learned to write with a pen and paper, and not by tapping screens, so by picking up a pen you are activating a part of your brain that is far more familiar with expressing your vocabulary in writing. We all played 'hangman' growing up, and Phoodle is essentially the same game, albeit more sophisticated. So write it down, use an underscore for the letters that are missing, and the solution might just jump out at you.

Share your results

Sharing your successes is more than just bragging. It’s actually rewarding your brain with a bump of serotonin for guessing the solution correctly. By rewarding your brain, you will become more invested in the game and be able to give it more concentration. Plus, you might get to annoy your friends.


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