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Levente Koppány: “I’m Happy to be Back in London”

14 September, 2021
A young man in chef whites looks into the camera.

So, on to the competition – Koppány, finalist for the Central Europe region, who will be mentored by Italian chef Luigi Taglienti, says he was disappointed that the Grand Finale had to be postponed until October, but he understands the precautions were necessary. And on the way to the Grand Finale in Milan, he’ll be stopping off in Budapest to catch the fish for his dish of rainbow trout with chervil, forest mushrooms and wild garlic.

But for the moment he’s focused on making the Turul Project successful and planting a flag for Hungarian cuisine in London.

“Many nations have their own restaurants [in London], but you can't really find Hungarian restaurants at the moment. Except in Hungary, there are no other restaurants where they're going to serve food like this."

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