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Is Chat GPT your new best friend in the kitchen?

17 February, 2023
Chat GPT: a tablet with recipe content.

Jeff Sheldon/Unsplash

Chat GPT recipe: Roasted carrots and chickpea salad with red pepper coulis

This time the AI was given a prompt to create a fine-dining recipe using carrots, chickpeas and red pepper. You can see that the edition of the ‘fine-dining’ prompt gives us a more sophisticated treatment of the basic ingredients.

Chat GPT recipe: Leftover-pasta frittata

This is a recipe by Chat GPT on the prompt to use leftover pasta. This is a classic Italian way to use up leftover pasta and the recipe is a good one.

This recipe was generated by Chat GPT with the prompt: “Write a recipe using leftover pasta.” It's a classic way to use up any extra pasta you may have lefto

Chat GPT recipe: Tomato water and olive oil spheres

This recipe was generated with the prompt to create a recipe in the style of Spanish chef Ferran Adrià. As you can see this is a perfect molecular dish that wouldn’t look out of place on the menu at ElBulli.

This recipe for tomato water and olive il spheres was generated by Chat GPT when asked to create a recipe in the style of Ferran Adrià.
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