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Why Waste? Survey
How Can We Cook Smarter? Take the 'Why Waste?' Survey Now
Fine Dining Lovers would like to know your cooking behaviours and how you manage food waste so we can do better together. Take a our quick and fuss-free survey now and help us fight food waste.
Bottura Grundig
Massimo Bottura joins with Grundig Against Food Waste
Massimo Bottura joins forces with Grundig Against Food Waste on International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste.
20 Ways to Use Leftover Pork
Discover how to use your leftover pork. Whether it is pulled or roasted pork, here are some recipes to make with your leftovers.
Best Recipes for Using Leftover Green Beans
Wondering how to use up some leftover green beans? Discover here Fine Dining Lovers' best recipes that include cooked green beans.
Cooking with white eggs leftovers
What to do with Leftover Egg Whites
Do you find yourself with unused egg whites and don't know what to do with them? Here are some ways to reuse and avoid wasting them.
Garlic Skins: Tips & Tricks to Use Them Up
Garlic peel is more versatile than you think. Find out how to use garlic skin in our complete guide on Fine Dining Lovers
How to Freeze Bananas: Best Ways for Freezing Bananas
Can bananas be frozen? And how long do they last in the freezer? No problem, we have all the answers you are looking for in our guide
Beetroot Greens
Why Waste Beet Greens? Six Ways to give Beet Greens a Starring Role
Discover all the delicious ways of harnessing these mild and nutritious greens. See the recipes.
Coffee Grounds
Why Waste Coffee Grounds? 7 Tips and Tricks for Leftover Grounds
Coffee can do so much more than just wake you up in the morning. From cleaning and planting, to cooking, find out what you can do with those used grounds.
Meal planning
Plan Your Meals with this Smart Infographic
Have a look at this infographic for tips on meal planning to reduce food waste at home, eat healthier, and save money and time.