Food Sustainability

Food Sustainability
Eel fishing
The slippery business of eels in Sweden
The long and colorful tradition of eel parties is disappearing due to the inclusion in the Red List of threatened species in Sweden. But the fishermen have their story to tell
Dominique Crenn at Identità Golose 2019
Dominique Crenn takes meat off the menu
The three Michelin star chef has announced that land-based meat will be taken off the menu of all ger restaurants.
Greenhouse restaurant - Photo by kayleigh harrington on Unsplash
Sustainability and the restaurant of the future 2030
‘Restaurant Industry 2030: Actionable Insights for the Future’ report highlights how sustainability will impact every aspect of the industry.
Wheatsheaf's crispy qualis eggs
Food Made Good Awards: The Wheatsheaf on the top
The restaurant in Wiltshire was named the Sustainable Business of the Year award at the 2019 Food Made Good Awards in London by UK's Sustainable Restaurants Association.
Chef Josh Niland
Sustainable Tables: Saint Peter's "fish revolution"
Our series focusing on the most sustainable restaurants around the globe makes its first stop in Australia, to tell how young chef Josh Niland is leading a real revolution pursuing sustainability in the ocean
Labyrinth farm-to-table restaurant in Singapore
Farm-to-table in Singapore? "Yes, we can!"
The island imports more than 90% of its food supplies, even if there are 96 registered farms. But a sustainable tasting menu is possible: discover how chef Han Li Guang from Labyrinth restaurant manages to serve it.
Credo Restaurant in Norway
Sustainable Tables: Credo's footprint
A new stop for Fine Dining Lovers series on the most sustainable restaurants all around the world: step inside chef Heidi Bjerkan's restaurant in Norway, with a close relation to the food chain, from farm to food waste.
Rene Redzepi at Yedi Conference, Istanbul
The power of food at Yedi Istanbul 2019
From food sustainability to climate change, zero-waste kitchens, community kitchens and the past and future of Redzepi’s iconic restaurant Noma: take a look at the best takeaways from the food congress in Istanbul
The biggest little farm
5 reasons to love "The biggest little farm"
"The biggest little farm" is a documentary for the foodie, greenie, animal-lover, chef and farmer.
Play Food From The Future
'Play Food From The Future' encourages children to think differently about what they eat
An innovative 3D-printed play form food set allows the shoppers of tomorrow to play with 'Bug Mac' and 'Algae Ball'.
Chef César Costa
Sustainable Tables: Corrutela makes it organic
Step inside chef César Costa's restaurant that achieved the 90% organic produce use in the kitchen just one year after the opening. Costa: "We don't want to indoctrinate people, we are just making our part"
Louise Mabulo
20-year old Chef wins UN's Young Champions of the Earth Prize
The 20-year-old chef and environmentalist Louise Mabulo has won the UN's Young Champions of the Earth award for her work with the Cacao Project.