Food Sustainability

Food Sustainability
Josh Niland
Josh Niland on the Nose-to-Tail Fish Revolution
Listen to Josh Niland's speech at Food on the Edge 2019 and discover his nose-to-tail fish revolution at his Saint Peter restaurant and Fish Butchery in Sydney, Australia
Best food waste apps
6 Best Food Waste Apps You Need To Know
From apps that offer last minute supermarket discounts on groceries, delicious restaurant foods for take away, to one that connects neighbours willing to share excess food, these apps are full of ideas on eliminating food waste.
Bakery bread
Would you Eat Bread Made from Crickets?
Made from 100% crickets, cricket flour is a superfood ingredient that can add a protein boost to your food with a low environmental footprint compared to animal proteins.
From Catch to Restaurant in Six Hours
Pesky Fish is a new marketplace platform that uses live data to connect British fishermen directly with chefs, allowing for the day's catch to arrive at the restaurant in as little as six hours.
No Waste Bone China Blue Hill
Dan Barber's Cows Become Fine Dining Tableware
The zero-waste ethos at Dan Barber's Blue Hill means that the pasture-fed cows of the farm find new life on the table, thanks to artist Gregg Moore who turns the cow bones into tableware for the restaurant.
Sugar from food waste
New Zero-Calorie Sweetener is Made from Food Waste
A new sugar substitute by an innovative Dutch company has been developed from food scraps and rejected fruits.
Michelin Guide green clover
What's The Deal with Michelin's New Green Clovers?
The green clover icon was first unveiled in the MICHELIN Guide France 2020 to highlight restaurants that promote sustainable dining.
Tips on how to buy fresh fish
5 Tips from Josh Niland (aka The Fish Butcher) on How to Buy Fresh Fish
Modern fish butcher Josh Niland of Saint Peter restaurant, and author of The Whole Fish Cookbook, shares 5 expert tips on how to buy a fish.
How farm-free food can save the planet
With current agricultural practices threatening our very existence, the strides made by science in the farmfree foods movement offer hope for the future.
Fake steak by Novameat
Is this the most realistic fake steak ever?
Novameat has developed a 3D printed fake beef steak that mimics the taste and meaty texture of real meat, claiming that it is the most realistic fake steak to date.
Blanca del Noval at FOTE 2019
The minds behind the next new flavours
Watch the speech of Blanca Del Noval, Head Researcher at the BCulinaryLAB of the Basque Culinary Centre at last Food On The Edge 2019 in Galway.
Sustainability pioners
The chefs pioneering sustainability movement in Greater China
When sustainable table movement was in full swing in many parts of the world, have you heard of any wave in the far east, Greater China? Thought no. But now the wind is changing.