Food Sustainability

Josh Niland_BCC Talks 2021
Josh Niland: "My Responsibility is to Educate a New Generation of Chefs"
The Australian fish butcher says not eating fish is not the answer, we just need to learn how to use fish better. Find out Niland's thoughts on the future of fish.
How Parrilla Don Julio Helped a Neglected Buenos Aires Square Bloom
The team at Don Julio have taken over an unloved corner of Buenos Aires. Organic produce harvested at the community-focused urban garden Huerta Luna de Enfrente will exclusively benefit local soup kitchens. Read on for the full story.
Restaurant Labyrinth: Sustainability in Singapore
Sustainability is the goal for many restaurateurs, but in Singapore it has its own unique challenges and rewards. Fine Dining Lovers spoke to the chef-owner of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants award-winner 'Restaurant Labyrinth' to find out more.
Chef Christopher Coutanceau
"A Fish Without Fat is Like a Tomato Without Sugar": Christopher Coutanceau on Seasonal Fish
Three-Michelin-starred chef Christopher Coutanceau explains why eating fish out of season sacrifices sustainability as well as flavour on the plate, and why pouting is a most underrated fish.
Less Waste, More Taste: Inside Hong Kong’s First ‘Closed-Loop’ Bar
Penicillin in Hong Kong has been described as the city's first 'closed loop' bar. But what does that mean? Lorna Parkes speaks to the people behind the sustainable cocktail concept to find out.
Sardines on The Grill
EU Chefs Share Recipes to Promote Sustainable Seafood
The EU has drafted in some of Europe's top chefs to help promote sustainable seafood consumption with nine great recipes.
Squirrel is Back on the Menu
Squirrel meat is a more human and sustainable choice for meat-eaters, and in 2020 we could see it on the menu more frequently
Bottura Food for Soul
Massimo Bottura Appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador
Italian chef Massimo Bottura has been appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador on the inaugural International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste.
Rancho Santana Farming
Sustainable Farming is Growing in Nicaragua
A farm in Nicaragua is having a far-reaching effect in the local community and beyond, and it's all thanks to sustainability.