Food Sustainability

Food Sustainability
Squirrel is Back on the Menu
Squirrel meat is a more human and sustainable choice for meat-eaters, and in 2020 we could see it on the menu more frequently
Bottura Food for Soul
Massimo Bottura Appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador
Italian chef Massimo Bottura has been appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador on the inaugural International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste.
Rancho Santana Farming
Sustainable Farming is Growing in Nicaragua
A farm in Nicaragua is having a far-reaching effect in the local community and beyond, and it's all thanks to sustainability.
Angel Leon - Aponiente
Aponiente Sustains the Magic of the Sea
At Aponiente, Angel Leon has transformed a run-down corner of southern Spain into something truly magical: a seafood restaurant with a sustainable twist.
Captain's Galley Sustainability
Scottish Restaurant Stands Up for Sustainable Seafood
The award-winning Captain's Galley in Scotland is fighting for the sustainability of fish and seafood stocks in our oceans.
Josh Niland
Josh Niland on the Nose-to-Tail Fish Revolution
Listen to Josh Niland's speech at Food on the Edge 2019 and discover his nose-to-tail fish revolution at his Saint Peter restaurant and Fish Butchery in Sydney, Australia
Best food waste apps
6 Best Food Waste Apps You Need To Know
From apps that offer last minute supermarket discounts on groceries, delicious restaurant foods for take away, to one that connects neighbours willing to share excess food, these apps are full of ideas on eliminating food waste.
Bakery bread
Would you Eat Bread Made from Crickets?
Made from 100% crickets, cricket flour is a superfood ingredient that can add a protein boost to your food with a low environmental footprint compared to animal proteins.
From Catch to Restaurant in Six Hours
Pesky Fish is a new marketplace platform that uses live data to connect British fishermen directly with chefs, allowing for the day's catch to arrive at the restaurant in as little as six hours.
No Waste Bone China Blue Hill
Dan Barber's Cows Become Fine Dining Tableware
The zero-waste ethos at Dan Barber's Blue Hill means that the pasture-fed cows of the farm find new life on the table, thanks to artist Gregg Moore who turns the cow bones into tableware for the restaurant.
Sugar from food waste
New Zero-Calorie Sweetener is Made from Food Waste
A new sugar substitute by an innovative Dutch company has been developed from food scraps and rejected fruits.
Michelin Guide green clover
What's The Deal with Michelin's New Green Clovers?
The green clover icon was first unveiled in the MICHELIN Guide France 2020 to highlight restaurants that promote sustainable dining.
Tips on how to buy fresh fish
5 Tips from Josh Niland (aka The Fish Butcher) on How to Buy Fresh Fish
Modern fish butcher Josh Niland of Saint Peter restaurant, and author of The Whole Fish Cookbook, shares 5 expert tips on how to buy a fish.
How farm-free food can save the planet
With current agricultural practices threatening our very existence, the strides made by science in the farmfree foods movement offer hope for the future.
Fake steak by Novameat
Is this the most realistic fake steak ever?
Novameat has developed a 3D printed fake beef steak that mimics the taste and meaty texture of real meat, claiming that it is the most realistic fake steak to date.
Blanca del Noval at FOTE 2019
The minds behind the next new flavours
Watch the speech of Blanca Del Noval, Head Researcher at the BCulinaryLAB of the Basque Culinary Centre at last Food On The Edge 2019 in Galway.
Sustainability pioners
The chefs pioneering sustainability movement in Greater China
When sustainable table movement was in full swing in many parts of the world, have you heard of any wave in the far east, Greater China? Thought no. But now the wind is changing.
Low Food Lab Amsterdam
High time for Low Food in The Netherlands as new Food Lab launches
Joris Lohman, Samuel Levie and chef Joris Bijdendijk have launched the Low Food Lab, created to bring about change and show the world that some great things are happening in the Netherlands.
Sustainable food
9 sustainable Christmas gifts for the foodie in your life
The 9 best sustainable Christmas gifts for the foodie or the chef in your life
Alex Atala
Alex Atala: “When you taste biodiversity, it has a new meaning”
World-renowned Brazilian chef Alex Atala talks at Food On The Edge about how crossing cultural boundaries can give us the values which will be the main ingredient in the food of the future.
Chef Douglas McMaster
"We would use coconuts to scrub dirty pans" - The story of Silo in a film
“A Failure of the Imagination” is a short film that follows the difficult beginnings of zero-waste UK restaurant.
Veal and Firefly squid - L'Effervescence
Sustainable Tables: how l'Effervescence pursues zero waste
At his acclaimed restaurant in Tokyo, chef Shinobu Namae looks for a connection to the land that goes beyond the ingredients he uses in the kitchen. 
Chef Angel Leon
Chef Ángel León wins Michelin’s inaugural Sustainability Award
Chef Ángel León was awarded the inaugural Sustainability Award at the gala for the Michelin Guide Spain & Portugal 2020.
Eel fishing
The slippery business of eels in Sweden
The long and colorful tradition of eel parties is disappearing due to the inclusion in the Red List of threatened species in Sweden. But the fishermen have their story to tell
Dominique Crenn at Identità Golose 2019
Dominique Crenn takes meat off the menu
The three Michelin star chef has announced that land-based meat will be taken off the menu of all ger restaurants.
Greenhouse restaurant - Photo by kayleigh harrington on Unsplash
Sustainability and the restaurant of the future 2030
‘Restaurant Industry 2030: Actionable Insights for the Future’ report highlights how sustainability will impact every aspect of the industry.
Wheatsheaf's crispy qualis eggs
Food Made Good Awards: The Wheatsheaf on top
The restaurant in Wiltshire was named the Sustainable Business of the Year award at the 2019 Food Made Good Awards in London by UK's Sustainable Restaurants Association.
Chef Josh Niland
Sustainable Tables: Saint Peter's "fish revolution"
Our series focusing on the most sustainable restaurants around the globe makes its first stop in Australia, to tell how young chef Josh Niland is leading a real revolution pursuing sustainability in the ocean
Labyrinth farm-to-table restaurant in Singapore
Farm-to-table in Singapore? "Yes, we can!"
The island imports more than 90% of its food supplies, even if there are 96 registered farms. But a sustainable tasting menu is possible: discover how chef Han Li Guang from Labyrinth restaurant manages to serve it.
Credo Restaurant in Norway
Sustainable Tables: Credo's footprint
A new stop for Fine Dining Lovers series on the most sustainable restaurants all around the world: step inside chef Heidi Bjerkan's restaurant in Norway, with a close relation to the food chain, from farm to food waste.
Rene Redzepi at Yedi Conference, Istanbul
The power of food at Yedi Istanbul 2019
From food sustainability to climate change, zero-waste kitchens, community kitchens and the past and future of Redzepi’s iconic restaurant Noma: take a look at the best takeaways from the food congress in Istanbul
The biggest little farm
5 reasons to love "The biggest little farm"
"The biggest little farm" is a documentary for the foodie, greenie, animal-lover, chef and farmer.
Play Food From The Future
'Play Food From The Future' encourages children to think differently about what they eat
An innovative 3D-printed play form food set allows the shoppers of tomorrow to play with 'Bug Mac' and 'Algae Ball'.
Chef César Costa
Sustainable Tables: Corrutela makes it organic
Step inside chef César Costa's restaurant that achieved the 90% organic produce use in the kitchen just one year after the opening. Costa: "We don't want to indoctrinate people, we are just making our part"
Louise Mabulo
20-year old Chef wins UN's Young Champions of the Earth Prize
The 20-year-old chef and environmentalist Louise Mabulo has won the UN's Young Champions of the Earth award for her work with the Cacao Project.
From pasture to plate: chefs with own cattle 
In times where meat consumption seems to be under threat, even more chefs are investing in their own cattle to ensure the quality — and the sustainability — of what they serve.
Biggest Little Farm Film
‘The Biggest little farm’ is 2019’s must-see documentary for everyone
The Biggest Little Farm is a documentary based on the eight-year quest of a young couple to create a biodynamic, self-sustaining farm in California.
Purple sea urchin uni
Putting purple sea urchins on the menu could save California’s kelp forest
Purple sea urchins have an insatiable appetite for kelp: that's why scientists are researching whether the little sea creatures could become a top restaurant ingredient. 
Chef Douglas McMaster, Silo
Sustainable Tables: Silo's battle against food waste
Step inside the first stop of our series throughout the venues that are doing their best to care for the planet and their local community: the Silo's experience
Sustainable Tables: Restaurants making a real change
Sustainable Tables: Restaurants making a real change
Sustainability has become both a watchword and a cliche repeated to exhausti
Anthony Myint: “We want to build a Global Movement”
Anthony Myint: “We want to build a Global Movement”
“How do you define healthy soil?” Anthony Myint
UN: Price of Food to decrease over next 10 years
UN: Price of Food to decrease over next 10 years
The UN predicts that the price of food will decrease over the next decade according to a new report.
Matt Orlando
Matt Orlando at Food on the Edge 2017
Chef Matt Orlando on how they tackle food waste at the Amass restaurant in Copenhagen. He was speaking at Food on the Edge 2017. 
Bug Burgers and Worm Balls
Cook Bug Burgers and Worm Balls at Home with IKEA's New Cookbook
Sustainable "future foods" can finally be added to the home cook's repetoire, thanks to the innovative cookbook by IKEA's research and design studio SPACE10.
Locavore restaurant
Locavore: go local or go home
The venue in Bali was awarded the Sustainable Restaurant ahead of Asia's 50 Best thanks to its chefs, a Dutchman and an Indonesian, philosophy: meet them!
Denmark Will Teach Chefs to Save Global Food
Denmark Will Teach Chefs to Save Global Food
MAD Symposium has announced it will open a permanent education centre in Copenhagen to teach chefs how to be more humane, responsible and sustainable.
The Growing Farm-to-Table Movement in Southeast Asia
The Growing Farm-to-Table Movement in Southeast Asia
Discover some of the forward-thinking chefs who are putting sustainability and local ingredients at heart of their restaurants all around Southeast Asia.
Broken Plate
Food is Broken but Chefs are Serving Solutions
A report by leading academics claims that global food systems are broken. Chefs are the key players who will help us rethink food.
UK Supermarket is The First to Sell Insects
A U.K supermarket has started selling bags of dried insects as a snack and garnish for soups and salads.
Italy Welcomes Its First Zero Waste Bar
Scarto is a new zero waste cocktail bar opening in Bologna. It will be the first bar of its kind in Italy with a variety of beers and liqueurs made in house.
The Search for South Africa's Most Sustainable Restaurant is on!
South Africa's definitive restaurant guide is on the look out for the most sustainable restaurant to win this year's Eat Out Woolworths Sustainability Award.
What Would Happen if Americans Stopped Eating Meat?
A new study in America looks at what would happen if meat, eggs and dairy were replaced with plant based proteins.
RE Food Forum: Nothing Goes to Waste
Find out what happened at the first ever RE Food Forum in Bangkok, which drew together over 40 influential global food leaders to discuss sustainability.
IKEA Is Working on Bug Burgers and Wormballs
IKEA Is Working on Bug Burgers and Wormballs
What will the fast food of the future look like? Space 10, IKEA's future living lab, has a few ideas...
Charleston Wine and Food: The Hot Topics
Heirloom grains, kitchen equality, living wages and damn deliciousness! A few of the hot topics encountered at this year's Charleston Wine and Food Festival.
The Best and Worst Countries for Food Waste
Which countries have the best and worst records when it comes to food waste? This infographic explains all.
Chef Kamilla Seidler
Kamilla Seidler at Food on the Edge 2017
Watch Chef Kamilla Seidler of Gustu speaking about the restaurant as NGO at Food on the Edge 2017. 
30 People Changing the Way You Eat
Take a look at Forbe's 30 Under 30 in Food and Drink - a selection of creative individuals who will influence the food on your fork in 2018.
This Living Salad Bar Could Be the Future
This is the prototype for a living and growing salad bar that could make the rewards of urban hydroponic farming delicious.
Watch Dan Barber on the History of Food Waste
Watch a clip from the new Wasted! documentary in which chef Dan Barber discusses how food waste has been used historically to create iconic dishes.
Anthony Bourdain to Release New 'Food Waste' Documentary
Watch the trailer for Anthony Bourdain's new movie, Wasted, which will focus on the growing problem of food waste around the world.
New Fridge Cam will Stop You Throwing Food Away
A new camera aimed at your fridge is being touted as a quick, efficient and cheap method for reducing your household food waste.
Gert De Mangeleer: Focus is the Magic Word
A chat with the three Michelin star chef Gert De Mangeleer of Hertog Jan, a fine dining restaurant located in the heart of Belgian Flanders
New York's Floating Farm Returns
New York's Floating Farm Returns
Swale, a sustainable floating food forest atop a flat top barge is returning to New York's waterways this summer.
Watch: Massimo Bottura on the Life of Bread
Watch a clip from a new food waste documentary, where Massimo Bottura shares tips for extending the life of bread.
Obama: 'Yes, We Can Build a Better Food Future'
Former US President Barack Obama addressed climate change during his keynote speech at the Seeds and Chips food innovation summit in Milan.
Knife Made Using Fast Food
This Knife is Made Using Fast Food
Green Beetle love to make knives using crazy materials, including beer, bacon and French fries: take a look at their videos.
Massimo Bottura is Coming to Australia
Massimo Bottura will help host an exclusive dinner for 130 lucky diners in Sydney, Australia. Here's the details.
Dan Barber Reveals Who's Cooking at WastED London
Dan Barber talks about his upcoming WastED pop-up in London as we reveal the list of chefs who will be cooking.
These Dumplings are Made with Food Waste
A restaurant in New York is serving a special food waste dumpling that's made with vegetable ends, skin and off cuts heading for the compost heap.
How Daily Meals Would Look Without Bees
Bee Decline: Take a look at this infographic which explains what daily meals would look like if there were no bees left on the planet.
Swedish Supermarket Replaces Stickers with Laser Labels
A swedish supermarket is replacing plastic labels on fruit and vegetables with laser marking.
7 Clever Uses for Wine Corks
Here's 7 things to do with your old wine corks - stop throwing them away and put them to good use.
Turn Food into Fertiliser in 24 Hours
A new gadget turns home composting into a mere 24-hour process – find out how it works.
Startling Figures About Food Waste
Startling Figures About Food Waste
Take a look at these startling figures that show just how much food we are wasting around the world.
Belgian Supermarket to Grow Own Produce in Rooftop Garden
A supermarket in Brussels is launching an urban agriculture initiative whereby it will grow its own vegetables in a rooftop garden for sale in-store.
No Freshwater Required for These Tomatoes
A pioneering solar farm in Australia will grow food using solar power and seawater, with no freshwater required. Find out more.
Urban Gardening Inside the Growroom
Food producing architecture like this could be a way to introduce mass urban gardening into cities say Copenhagen's Space 10.
France Plastic Ban to Hit Picnics and Parties
France wants a ban on single use plastic tableware by 2020, to follow on from its recent ban on plastic bags.
Are Fish Scales a Future Renewable Energy Source?
Scientists in India have discovered a way to harvest energy from fish scales – is this a future renewable energy source and a way to tackle food waste?
Green-Fingered Entrepreneurs Wanted
Square Roots wants millennials to grow and sell their own food from vertical farms in shipping containers in major cities.
Sustainable Meat: is a Lower Environmental Impact Possible?
Net consumption will increase by 20% in 10 years, the UN predicts: that's why more "sustainable" meats, less costly in environmental terms, are spreading.
Italy Introduces New Bill to Kill Food Waste
A new bill passed in Italy will make it easier for food producers, supermarkets and restaurants to donate waste food.
Is This How Food Will Be Grown in the Future?
Scientists at MIT have developed an open source food computer to inspire the farmers of tomorrow – is this the future of food growing?
Chopsticks Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic
Meet the man who's trying to turn the tide on ocean plastics by recycling them into eating implements.
Introducing the World's First Floating Dairy Farm
A floating dairy farm housing 60 cows is to be built on a Rotterdam waterway in an effort to make the city more self-sufficient.
3 Simple Ways to Be Self Sufficient in the Kitchen
3 Simple Ways to Be Self Sufficient in the Kitchen
Discover easy tips on how to be self-sufficient in the home kitchen, from growing and cooking food to how to recyle it.
This 'Farm Village' Could be The Future of Living
A pilot scheme in Amsterdam is looking to build a fully sustainable farm village that produces its own food, energy and waste management.
Swale: A Sustainable Floating Food Forest in New York
Swale is a proposed floating food forest that will offer free edible plants to the citizens of New York.
This Family Garden Produces a Serious Amount of Food
A video that shows a family garden that produces ample food to feed an entire family plus a surplus supply worth $20,000 a year.
Ingenious Australian Farmer Combats Erosion With Geometric Planting
This geometric farming technique dates back to the 1940s and helps prevent brushfires and erosion.
Swedish Couple Built a Greenhouse Around Their Home
Here's a unique idea from a couple in Sweden who decided to build a greenhouse around their home.
Convert Your Organic Food Waste into Energy
Here's a great device that will convert organic household food waste into gas that you can then use for cooking.
Sasu Laukkonen: Dig What You Do and Do What You Dig
An interesting presentation from the zero waste chef Sasu Laukkonen, as he presents his idea for an exciting programme
The World's First Plantable Coffee Cup
Take a look at these clever coffee cups that can actually be planted in the ground when used, eventually growing into flowers and trees.
Matt Orlando: Will Restaurants Pay Tax on Their Waste?
An interesting presentation from Matt Orlando in which he gives his predictions on how he thinks the restaurant industry might look in the future.
Bye, Bye Plastic! Hello Beeswax Food Wrap
Feel guilty about using plastic wrap? Then you'll love this eco-friendly alternative called Abeego, a reusable food wrap made from beeswax.
Joel Salatin: "Bloom Where You’re Planted"
Interested in starting your own farm? Here's some great advice from famed farmer Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms in Virginia.
Albert Adrià Delivers Strong Warning - We're Running Out of Fish
Albert Adrià delivers a warning to the crowd at Food on The Edge - saying that we're running out of fish and that things needs to rapidly change.
5 Practical Ways to Reduce Food Waste in Your Kitchen
5 Practical Ways to Reduce Food Waste in Your Kitchen
Tired of wasting food? Learn how to reduce food waste with these simple suggestions you can start practicing today.
Food Factory to Get Power from Mashed Potato
A UK company is looking to reduce their amount of food waste and increase their energy efficiency with a plant powered by mashed potato.
Can You Believe Gin Is Made Here?
Take a look onside Bombay Sapphire's stunning eco-friendly distillery located in the English countryside. Prepare to be amazed.
Which Fish Are Okay to Eat?
Which Fish Are Okay to Eat?
A simple infographic that looks at different species of fish and explains which ones are okay to eat and which ones should be avoided.
World's Leading Agronomists Meet to Discuss Feeding the Planet
The world's leading agronomists are defending on Italy for a five day congress in which they create a charter on the principles of feeding the planet.
Aquaponics: the future of agriculture?
What is Aquaponics and why do many people think it will be one of the best ways of growing our food in the future?
Russia Burns Bacon and Steamrolls Cheese
Russian authorities have spent a day destroying food that broke their sanctions on the import of Western products. Including burning a huge pile of bacon.
A New Portable Solar Powered Cooker Could Be The Future Of Outdoor Cooking
Environmentally friendly, compact and portable, the new 'Solari' solar powered cooker is set to give BBQs and gas cookers some eco-friendly competition.
John Oliver Slams Americans Over Food Waste
John Oliver used Sunday night's show to vent his frustrations over food waste and touched on solutions to improve the ridiculousness of the situation.
Plenty of Fish In The Sea - fish lovers to be able to trace the catch of the day
'Boat to Plate' smartphone app aims to give consumers full traceability of purchased fresh fish at just the scan of a bar code.
Expo Milano 2015 - Climate Change Debate
This week at Expo Milano 2015 some of the leading figures in climate change research met for a series of debates on how climate is affecting agriculture.
6 Ugly Fruit and Veg Campaigns for "Cosmetically Challenged" Ingredients
The return of ugly fruit and vegetables: with an increasing population, food waste management has escalated to the forefront of global contemporary issues.
Zooplankton Filmed Eating Plastic for the First Time
Zooplankton, one of the smallest feeders in the ocean, has been filmed eating plastic for the first time ever.
Spoiler Alert App Helps Cut Food Waste
A new app that simply connects food businesses with organisations that redistribute food is hoping to have an impact on the massive problem of food waste.
Could Europe Be About to Ban Food Waste in Supermarkets?
The same councillor who helped pass a law in France banning supermarkets from wasting edible food is hoping to pass the law across Europe.
LED Powered Indoor Farm Aims to Grow Plants without Soil or Sun
Philips are developing a new indoor farm that grows crops using LED lighting - an idea that could see food grown without sun or soil.
Oslo Will Host the First Bee Highway in the World
Norway’s capital city unveils plans to create a bee friendly corridor: nectar bearing flowers are being planted as feeding stops and rooftops are being greened.
GrowBags Made from Old Billboards
GrowBags are the product of a cool up cycling project that takes old billboards and gives them a whole new use.
Arielle Johnson on Harnessing the Power of Fermentation
An interesting video presentation from MAD's head of research Arielle Johnson on how restaurants could harness waste for fermentation.
Could We Have a Future Without Food Waste?
An interesting video from MAD Monday as Danish MP Ida Auken speaks about creating a future without food waste.
France Bans Supermarkets from Throwing Out Good Food
France has passed a bill that will force supermarkets to stop throwing away food and instead donate it to charities or for animal feed.
This Food App Helps You Reduce Food Waste
A new app developed by the US Department of Agriculture and Cornell University helps people know how long foods should be stored for.
A Zero Waste Restaurant in Chicago
A look at Sandwich Me In - a zero waste restaurant in Chicago that offers quick service and homemade dishes.
Should We Eat More Fish Guts?
An article from Ben Winstanley asking if people in the UK should have more guts when it comes to eating fish.
Brighton's Zero Waste Restaurant
Silo in Brighton is a restaurant with a dedicated approach to wasting nothing, they compost on site and serve food on plates made from recycled plastic bags.
All These Amazing Dishes Are Made with Junk Food
A mysterious Instgrammer is gaining lots of attention by taking wasted ingredients from the trash and turning them into fine dining style meals.
Composting 101: What To Compost (Infographic)
Composting 101: What To Compost (Infographic)
Learn what to compost and discover tips and tricks for building a compost bin in apartments and other small spaces.
Beautiful Plastic Bottle Art From Veronica Richterová
Check out the plastic bottle art of Czech artist Veronika Richterová who turns ordinary PET plastic bottles into stunning sculptures like cacti and flowers.
Tail from the fish
The Perfect Protein
A video highlighting a new campiaghn from Oceana with 20 of the World's Chefs Pledging to serve smaller fish in their restaurants. 
World's Best Chefs Pledge to Help Save Our Oceans
20 international chefs together in Spain to help address the issue of ocean sustainability, all pledging to highlight the problem of our depleting oceans.
World's Best Chefs Pledge to Help Save the Oceans
Some of the world's best chefs are in San Sebastián to help launch Oceana's new 'Save the Oceans' campaign - a targeted effort to improve ocean sustainability.
Sean Brock: "We Need to Stop Forgetting Flavours"
Sean Brock speaks about the importance of crop preservation, Southern style cuisine, why we're all forgetting flavours and hardcore hip-hop BBQ wars.
Pope Francis Reflects on 'The Right to Food' for Expo Milano 2015
500 leading figures, including Pope Francis, are expected to contribute to a series of debates concerning food issues - especially sustainability.
Could Fish and Chips Soon Be Extinct?
Prince Charles warns the world that Fish and Chips could soon die off if there isn't a change in the way we fish the oceans
The #FishFight Continues
European Ministers decide today whether to accept or reject a ban on fish discards - a practice that leads to millions of fish being thrown overboard each year
Ethical Sushi: Nekkko Handmade Cookbook
For those who aren’t lucky enough to see a live performance of the Berlin-based, touring “post theatre” group, which performs alongside a sushi-sust
Daylesford Organic | A Farm And A Cookery School
Daylesford is a cookery school and a farm just an hour by train from London: a fine dining and sustainable idea of food