food festivals

Food Festivals

Food festivals allow enthusiasts to taste and experience new flavors and new cuisines.

The most renowned festivals take place in different cities around the world: the famous Taste Festivals. These food festivals are unique events that strive to demonstrate the city’s restaurants incredible capabilities. It is a way of communicating what each city has to offer from a gourmet point of view. Visitors are in the hundreds of thousands per event and their expectations are incredibly high. And the Taste Festivals don’t disappoint: usually the issue is knowing where to begin to spend your festival currency, that is unique to the event: crowns instead of euros, dollars, dinars and pounds. Milan, London, Dubai, Cape Town are few among the main locations hosting these famous food festivals.

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Marcus Samuelsson
Harlem ServesUp TV Fundraiser
The annual Harlem EatUp! food festival will turn into a televised fundraiser this year, on July 18, to raise funds for charities working in the local community.
Photo Cristina Gottardi | Unsplash
Taste of Milan to Bring Fine Dining into the City’s Homes
Taste of Milan festival will bring some of the city's best restaurants fine dining experiences into people's homes this summer.
Food festivals 2020
Food festivals worth travelling for in 2020
Got the post-holiday blues? From Vegas to Venice, there’s a lot happening for foodies this year. Plan your next getaway using our pick of food festivals around the world.
Italian Food Parade
Italian Food Parade 2019
Artisanal Italian food producers and London based Italian chefs will be celebrating some of Italy's finest regional produce inside the famous Borough Market.
Twins Science Festival: the future of gastronomy in Moscow
Science, education and integration of the modern technologies into the restaurant structure were the main topics at the internatio
Culinary Zinema 2019
Culinary Zinema 2019: the best takeaways from San Sebastián
Watch the trailers of the food inspired films presented in September during the 67th edition of Culinary Zinema