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Quique Dacosta Cooking a Window to The World

An exclusive video interview with chef Quique Dacosta who talks about the work at his unique restaurant in Alicante, Spain.

By FDL on

Quique Dacosta and his wonderful restaurant in Alicante sit at number 41 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and the forefront of avant garde cuisine in Spain.

His techno-emotional, minimalist approach to cooking has garnered him recognition around the world and placed him at the heart of the Spanish gastronomy movement, alongside greats such as Ferran Adria, The Roca Brothers and Andoni Luiz Aduriz.

In the video below Dacosta talks about the unique approach to cuisine he takes at his three Michelin starred restaurant. Explaining his new tasting menu which is made of many smalls acts, presenting certain ingredients, processes and techniques.

He finishes looking ahead to the future and what he believes will be the next steps in the development of his home country’s gastronomic scene.


  • said on

    The Quique Dacosta restaurant actually has three Michelin stars (it says erroneously two in the text above).

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