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Stale bread and Old Bread and Tomato Mille Feuille by Dominique Crenn

Zero Waste: Old Bread and Tomato Mille Feuille by Dominique Crenn

Why Waste? is back. The Fine Dining Lovers series that shows you how to turn your kitchen food waste into delicious dishes, with recipes and tips by some of the world's best chefs, makes a welcome and timely return.

Almost a third of bread produced in the world gets wasted, so this episode of Why Waste? shows us what we can do with it before it ends up in the garbage. This recipe is by Dominique Crenn, the US's first three-Michelin-starred female chef, from Atelier Crenn and Petit Crenn in San Francisco.

Every year, 240 million slices of bread are wasted. Instead of seeing waste, see opportunity with this Italian-inspired recipe from Dominique Crenn. A glossy vegan mayonnaise, toasted bread, fresh tomatoes and breadcrumbs, are turned into an elegant and delicious mille feuille. "Bread is gold. Don't ever throw out stale bread, use it and make something delicious," says Crenn.

29 September, 2022
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