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Jerome Ianmark Calayag

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Kjell

Sourdough, Savoy Cabbage and Browned Butter

Chef Jerome Lanmark Calayag is the S.Pellegrino Young Chef winner for the UK & North Europe Region.

04 December, 2020
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serves for


total time

0 HR 25 MIN


Pan-fried sourdough
Einkorn flour
White flour
12 g
Caster sugar
20 g
Savoy cabbage in cream
Savoy cabbage
400 g
300 g
2 small
Lemon juice
30 g
Browned butter
70 g
Lemon fillet
Onion and herb oil
Rapeseed oil
100 g
Fresh onion greens
30 g
20 g
Baby spinach
20 g
Left over onion and herbs
Fresh and seasonal herbs and flowers
Chives flowers

Jerome Lanmark Calayag shares his recipe for a versatile vegetarian dish featuring sourdough and seasonal Savoy cabbage. It's the ideal starter for a three-course dinner for guests or an at-home dinner date.

Calayag's inspiration for the dish came about after seeing savoy cabbage grown in the fields local to him in Sweden, boasting a far better environmental footprint than greenhouse grown cabbages. He introduced the sourdough element because it's something that he always has freshly-baked at home. "I love sourdough because of the health benefits and its versatility. I use it to make pancakes, seed crackers, bread and more. I never buy bread from the store anymore, I bake artisan sourdough loaves instead," he says.

Calayag recommends everyone give this dish a go at home - not only is it simple to make, it also shows how easy it is to make delicious food out of simple seasonal produce. The dish can also be adapted to what's in season wherever you live, like adding mushrooms, and making the flavours local to you.

Find out how to make Calayag's delicious vegetarian starter in the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 01

Savoy cabbage in cream

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Kjell

Savoy cabbage in cream

Reduce the cream until there's around half left.

Finely chop shallots and add to the cream.

Step 02

cabbage leaves

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Kjell

Pick the savoy cabbage leaves and slice out the root and save it for something else, like broth.

Cut the cabbage leaves into 3mm wide strips.

Step 03

Savoy cream

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Kjell

Add the savoy cabbage and cook until perfectly cooked.

Add salt and lemon juice to taste.

Step 04


Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Kjell

Browned butter

Heat up butter in a saucepan on medium high heat while mixing with a whisk every minute or so until it's golden brown and smells sweet and nutty.

Step 05

lemon fillets

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Kjell

Lemon fillets 

Peel a lemon, cut out the pulp, take out the seeds and slice into small pieces.

Step 06

Onion and herb oil 

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Kjell

Onion and herb oil 

In a saucepan, heat rapeseed oil, or any other neutral oil, to 85°C-95°C.

In a blender, blend the oil, onions, chives and baby spinach (ideally leftovers and or trimmings) for 3 minutes.

Strain with a chinois or a fine sieve.

Step 07

Pan fried sourdough 

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Kjell

Pan-fried sourdough 

If you don’t already have a sourdough at home, you can go to your local bakery and ask for a little. 

Add salt and sugar to the sourdough.

Preheat a non-stick pan or a cast-iron pan.

Add butter and fry the sourdough, just like pancake but until dark brown and crispy.

Chef tips: A teaspoon of sourdough would be enough and then you just feed It with equal parts of flour and water. If you choose to start your own sourdough, mix equal parts of good quality flour and water, discard about 80% of it and add equal parts flour and water again. Repeat for seven days or until it starts to bubble and rise while keeping it in room temperature.

Step 08


Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Kjell


In a serving pan, add the creamed savoy cabbage.

Scatter the lemon fillets on the cabbage.

Garnish with the herbs and flowers.

Drizzle a little bit of onion and herb oil.

Serve the pan-fried sourdoughs and browned butter on the side.

Step 09

Final dish

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Kjell

Put the pan-fried sourdough on a plate.

Add the creamed savoy cabbage on top.

Scatter the lemon fillets on top of the creamed cabbage.

Garnish with the herbs and flowers.

Drizzle a little bit of onion and herb oil.

Finish the dish with a spoonful of browned butter in front of your guests to let them really enjoy the aromas of the browned butter.

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